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Device name BLACK HAWK
Brand OKM
Research System Sound System
Objective gold and archaeological treasures
Underground search Depth 8 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in Germany


  • Black Hawk R3:
  • Black Hawk, The German metal detector belongs to Germany’s OKM brand one of the best devices available to detect gold and archaeological treasures the device is specially designed for treasure hunters and gold diggers. The ground balance of this metal detector is semi-automatic to increase the user’s ease.
  • The device can be used in all kinds of terrain and it does not respond to iron mineralization or black sand. This High-Capacity metal detector can find gold nuggets and large objects of precious metals such as treasure boxes up to 8 meters underground depth.
  • Black Hawk can be used in very different kinds of terrain such as rocky soil, high mineralization soil, desert, beaches, clay, mountainous areas, remote areas, and jungles.
  • With a power of 600 MHz for the device processor which is well-equipped or treasure hunters and gold prospectors to quickly find metal objects such as
    1. Buried treasures
    2. The artifacts of the battlefields
    3. Raw Gold
    4. Jewelry, gold and silver rings, coins, necklaces, and bracelets
    5. Natural gold, silver in the ground and other precious materials



Available languages

  • Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

  • 600 MHz Fast Processor we have increased the search depth and distinction of metals by developing modern integrated technology between the individual plate (pulse induction) and the SCMI sensor
  • The device advanced programming has made it very easy to operate
  • The possibility of searching at night by using the backlight display and the fixture LED light
  • The distinction between precious and non-precious metals
  • Wireless stereo headphones for metal detection without sound
  • Various tuning to improve detector performance for your local soil type
  • Powerful external battery for longer operating time
  • The possibility to Discover very small targets such as nuggets, coins and jewelry using an optional 16 cm search plate
  • The optional 150 cm search plate can search up to 8 meters deep to detect buried metal objects and treasures
  • 12-Volt optional car charger
  • The optional 16 cm (6 “) search plate was improved to determine the smallest targets in the most difficult terrain.
  • The new Black Hawk Metal detector is not only capable of detecting coins, rings, and jewelry but also perfectly suitable for detecting gold nuggets and precipitating gold.
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Device Components:

  1. Note: Basic version
  2. The (Basic Kit) for the Black Hawk device includes a 36 cm search plate
  3. But There are also two types of search plates as an additional choice for the device which are:
    1. Optional small objects search plate 16 cm (6 “) for small objects search such as gold nuggets
    2. Optional large objects search plate 150×150 cm (60 x 60 “) for deep search option and large objects in deep depths