Detech Chaser
Device nameDetech Chaser
Research SystemSound Sensor System
ObjectiveRaw Gold and Metals
Underground search Depth2 meters
Warranty1 years
Made inRussia

Detech Chaser Metal Detector

  • About the device:
  • Detech Chaser is a sophisticated technology Bulgarian Device for detecting rough gold and metals
  • It Reveals rough gold, gold veins, and coins up to a depth of 2 meters underground.
  • The Device is operated through the system of discrimination as it has the ability to distinguish between minerals and buried targets buried in the ground

Available languages

English – Russian – French – Turkish – Spanish

Device Specifications:

  1. The system of the distinction between different minerals with full precision and craftsmanship
  2. The option of canceling the iron metal search and not giving any indication when finding it while conducting the search process
  3. Adjustable Frequency as per the device user skills
  4. The metals search system for the search of all metal kinds and the full system of comprehensive separation of the metals
  5. A special system to determine the strength and the sharpness of the search
  6. Volume and ringing type control
  7. High speed and accuracy in performance
  8. Light weight and easy to use
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Device Components:

  1. The main processing unit
  2. Deep search disk
  3. Removable handle (rack)
  4. headphones
  5. Educational (DVD) for how to use the device
  6. User catalogs in English