equinox 800
equinox 800
Device nameEquinox 800
Research SystemSound System
ObjectiveRaw Gold
Underground search Depth3 meters
Warranty3 years
Made inUSA
equinox 800

Equinox 800

❖ The Gold, Coin and Coin detectors are the first and only multi-frequency multimedia technology that adapts to all the types of targets the user wishes to extract and the different terrain conditions The detector can easily choose the search location and simply start searching Equinox is uniquely versatile in its search capabilities to detect gold, treasures, coins and fossils with features and additional functions such as gold mode and high frequencies of up to 20 – 40 kHz with distinctive device accessories such as wireless audio accessories which are the most important feature of the device Supports the audio-visual technology sought by all users and advanced settings that allow the User to choose the type, frequencies and patterns of research based on the environment to be explored where the device is characterized by the freedom of the detector to choose the frequency as desired and fulfilled It is recognized by all other devices, which come in limited frequencies cannot be beat and most of them are mono frequency

❖ Equinox is the unique device of MaineLab International thanks to the multi-IQ, the first and the first of its kind, which adapts equally to all types of goals and conditions and terrain of the various land where the detector can easily choose the search site and start to search simply Equinox Gold Detector is a multi-purpose device that can detect ancient and archaeological coins, cut small objects, and discover gold buried in gold jewelry such as bracelets and rings, with the possibility of detecting most metals

❖ (Coming Soon) With innovative new multi-frequency technology, the EQUINOX series is redefining the concept of multi-purpose detection for a passionate, enthusiastic finder It can be adjusted to all kinds of targets and all soil conditions, just choose the detection site and go!

❖ added gold pattern function, 20/40 Hz high frequency and wireless audio accessories, and advanced settings, EQUINOX provides 800 additional multiple uses

Device Specifications

Features and Techniques of Detecting Treasures, Coins and Fireplaces Equinox800 ❖ Multiple simultaneous frequencies Multiple synchronous smart frequencies provide superior performance along with a range of single frequencies. ❖ 8 Custom Search Files Each pattern has two Custom Search files, so you can save your favorite settings in each style. ❖ Waterproof design Equinox is fully immersed in water and is ideal for exploring beaches, rivers, streams and lakes. (3 m / 10 ft) ❖ Fast and accurate target ID Super-fast recovery with the exact target ID ensures that you will not lose any valuable targets in the trash. ❖ Smooth and lightweight Powerful, lightweight design lets you enjoy long exploration tours in any environment. ❖ Advanced Settings Enjoy more control over the sound of the detector thCrude advanced settings, you decide how much information you want to hear about the target.

❖ Send audio wirelessly at high speed Try high-speed wireless audio devices with WM 08, or use the low-latency / Bluetooth headset.

❖ Gold Discovery Pattern The gold pattern works on single high frequencies of 20 kHz or 40 kHz to detect gold pieces in mineral-rich soils.

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Device Components:


Gold, Treasures and Coins Detector Equinox800 is distinguished by its multiple properties in the search for gold, where it works on frequencies from 20 KHz to 40 KHz to detect gold in the mineral rich land


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