EXP 6000
Device nameEXP 6000
Research SystemImaging
ObjectiveArchaeological treasures and precious metals
Underground search Depth40 meters
Warranty5 years
Made inGermany

EXP 6000

  • The EXP 6000 Metal Detector is the latest OKM global Gold detection system
  • The device is a giant with its unique characteristics. It has a deep an underground search depth which reaches up to 40 meters.
  • It also enables the user to see the underground targets in a 3D manner through video glasses and enables him to analyze the results on a computer or on the tablet.
  • In addition to the possibility of operating the device on more than one computer or tablet which allows more than one person to follow the results at the same time
  • The EXP 6000 gold and metal detector is a wireless device supplied with an earth scanner with touch screen and special video glasses for a direct view of underground targets during excavation
  • The EXP 6000 3D Scanner for metal detection is one of OKM’s products for treasure hunters, coins, archaeologists, prospectors, and earth treasure explorers.
  • This detector is completely wireless and can be controlled by any Android device that has a touchscreen or through a tablet or a computer or the video glasses.


Available languages:

German – English – French – Spanish – Arabic – Farsi – Greek – Turkish – Chinese – Bulgarian

The EXB 6000 Metal Detector System consists the following parts:

  1. The Main Console: which comes with a touch screen, multi-language user interface, automatic light handling system and GPS (which can be activated by user)
  2. The main telescope unit
  3. The Verification Telescopic: this invention is very new and can cover a large area of ​​the earth’s surface
  4. A Super Sensor: Specializes in penetrating earth layers using a system of differentiation between metals and voids
  5. Blanks Sensor: which can be installed on the EXB device to detect hidden tunnels, rooms, basements, shelters, caves and many other targets.
  6. Direct Imaging Sensor: Ground scanning for any hidden treasures using this sensor would appear directly on the EXP 6000’s main control screen.
  7. In addition to a touchscreen that works on any Android device, whether it was a mobile or a tablet or computer
  8. The device also could be controlled through any live view video glasses.
  9. Android devices can be used to analyze the displayed results as well as to allow additional users to view the display or monitor and poll the results of the work.
  10. The machine is supplied with German technology by OKM global systems

Device Specifications:

  • EXP 6000 is designed to detect precious metals for treasure hunters, archaeologists, prospectors, and gold explorers to locate buried artifacts, historical monuments, lost treasures, hidden objects and precious metal objects such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, and
  • hidden non-metallic structures such as ancient tombs, caves, walls, foundations, statues, chambers, and tombs
  • Raw Gold
  • Precious artifacts and lost treasures
  • All the device components are wireless.
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Device Components:

  1. The “Visualizer 3D” Program
  2. Charger and power dispenser
  3. Control unit
  4. Power Pack
  5. Telescopic glasses
  6. USB stick
  7. User Guide
  8. Water and shock resistant
  9. Wireless headphones with batteries
  10. Super Wireless SENSOR
  11. Wireless Telescope Glasses
  12. Tablet PC
  13. GPS cable
  14. Video glasses with built-in speakers
  15. Windows tablet device
  16. Wireless 3D Imaging Sensor
  17. Blanks Snapshot Sensor