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Device name ROVER GOLD
Brand OKM
Research System Imaging
Objective Raw Gold and Treasures
Warranty 3 years
Made in Germany


Gold Rover Gold Detector is one of least devices by OKM the world’s most advanced manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of gold ore and mineral resources

  • The Gold Rover Gold Detector is specifically designed to locate gold, deposits and other precious metals.
  • This gold detector is unique because it is primarily designed for professional prospectors and gold miners for use within mines and any other mining environments.
  • After many years of intensive testing in various fields that are rich in gold and mines in different places such as Tanzania, Sudan Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, USA, and other countries, we have made it very easy to detect raw gold by using the integrated sensor technology designed by OKM.
  • The device has been built with new operation methods such as the metal scanning that simplifies the process for professional and novice gold hunters as well.


Available languages:
Arabic – English – French – Spanish – Farsi – German


With the Golden Rover you can detect the following types of mineral deposits:

  • Raw Gold (including Tellurium, Calaverite, Sylvanite, Nagyagite)
  • Placer gold deposits in streams
  • Gold in Quartz (Hard Rock)
  • Placer


In addition to being able to locate the existing gold and raw metals, The Golden Rover is also used by treasure hunters to locate buried treasures. The Golden Rover 3D scanner has the same performance as the Rover C and Rover CII, With the detector detection system that was not designed only for detecting gold, the device can identify many of other objects under the surface, including:


  • Historical artifacts including copper and bronze
  • Buried Jewelry of gold and silver
  • Quantity of coins
  • Caches of treasures and boxes
  • Caves and tunnels
  • Old tomb sites

In addition to other many features such as:

  • Simplified operating modes (metal scanning, ground scanning, cursor button)
  • Back display lights for easy operation in the mines and in the evening
  • LED lights to work at night or in dark places
  • Customized software for Rover Gold for metal scanning
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and sophisticated design where it works for longer scans
  • Extra battery for a full working day and fast charging
  • A device designed in desert sand color to avoid overheating while working in the sun
  • Billy waterproof and shockproof transport bag to protect your Rover Gold device
  • The Gold Rover Gold detector can detect gold and treasures up to 18 meters underground
  • The whole device is made in Germany by OKM systems global


Device Specifications:

  • The Rover Gold system includes a sensor system that can distinguish between ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Nonferrous metals include gold, silver, bronze, and copper, while ferrous metals include iron, nickel, and cobalt.
  • In addition, you will get a laptop (notepad) with the Golden Rover with a fully programmed 3D scanning software program.
  • What allows you to focus on treasures or gold and objects with great value.
  • The Visualizer 3D program can display the targets measurement values in 3D images that can be analyzed to determine buried objects in detail such as estimating the size and depth of these targets
  • Parts & Components
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Device Components:

  1. 3D Visualizer Program
  2. Control unit
  3. Super Sensor
  4. A laptop computer
  5. The transfer unit that transfers the results to the analytical program via Bluetooth
  6. Additional battery for a full working day and fast charging
  7. Bluetooth headset supplied with the device
  8. Rechargeable battery
  9. Home battery charger
  10. Car charger for the battery
  11. The machine bag is water and shock resistant
  12. User’s Guide