Purchase and Shipping

  • We thank you for visiting the Gold Master website and we are pleased with your precious confidence in us that leads you to the choice of products.
  • And We invite you to visit our exhibition at the company’s headquarters in Dubai, at the United Arab Emirates to see the latest and accurate technology in the field of search and exploration and to Practice the realistic experience of using all of our professional gold detectors which is specialized in gold detection and the search for treasure Antiques, metals and precious stones.
  • Our company also offers you a set of integrated training programs in addition to the special prices and because we are accredited agents for most of the international factories, we have developed the best and lowest prices that will not be available to others companies.
  • Dear customers: Our ambition has no limits. We are working to maintain the high and advanced levels we have achieved by exchanging new views and ideas with our customers to provide them with all they need in the world of exploration expertise as we would equip you with the gold and metals detection advanced and integrated devices.

Prices and discounts:

  • Dear customers, our company offers the best competitive prices on all the available devices, in addition to the continuous and constantly changing offers.
  • To find out the prices of the devices, please send an e-mail explaining the name of the required product to provide you with offers and discounts available.
  • You can also contact the sales department to inquire about the available devices and its prices and how to buy on the numbers mentioned in this website which you can use it also to communicate with us through WhatsApp and Viber and the sales team will receive your messages, we are working 24 hours to serve you.

Purchase services from the company headquarters:

  • We are honored to welcome you at our headquarters so you could have a look at the latest gold detectors in the largest exhibition of gold and metal detection devices in Dubai where our exhibition has all kinds of devices to meet your needs and suit your target whatever it was.

Steps to buy inside the company headquarters:

  • A specialist sales engineer with more than ten years’ experience in the field of metal prospecting will be waiting for your arrival to provide the technical advice and assist you in selecting the appropriate device. Just specify to him the type of target you are looking for, the expected depth and the kind of land the target is buried in, whether it was rocky land, desert or urban land. to help you to choose the search system of the device that will give you the best result in finding the target that you are searching for
  • After selecting the appropriate device, the sales engineer will conduct a field test of the selected device before buying to ensure its effectiveness, After you are fully convinced with the device and you make the purchase decision, we offer you more than a way to make your payment, So you could pay in cash or use the credit card or even a bank transfer to the company bank account
  • We provide an official purchase invoice stamped with the company’s stamp with each product showing the name of the device and its organ and the serial number of the device and all of our devices are guaranteed comprehensive warranty for 5 years, except for faults resulting from the misuse and breakage.
  • A training DVD in Arabic and English is attached to each device in addition to the product catalogs in Arabic and English.
  • You get a full training course on how to use the device and how to overcome obstacles of prospecting and how to deal with signals and interpretation correctly
  • You get free shipping of the device and we will deliver it to any country that you want or you have the right to pick up from the company’s headquarters if you want to.
  • After all, this will not end the role of the company, but we remain in contact to provide technical support and assistance always.

How to buy from abroad:

  • As the exclusive agent for the best gold and metal detection devices, the company’s management provides all our customers with the process of purchasing products with ease, and save the cost of travel, time and effort. The purchase can be done in Three Methods
  • Method 1: Sending a person from your party who is located in the United Arab Emirates to buy you the device and we will ship the device to your address directly.
  • Method 2: Gold Master provides payment when receiving the device in most countries where the representative of the company only you can contact the sales department to help you to choose the right product and its price and you will be transferred to the company representative in your country to receive the device and payment when receiving the device
  • Method 3: is to buy through postal correspondence or by telephone communicating with our staff of the international sales department. After selecting the suitable device which he has chosen from our website, a purchase invoice will be sent indicating the device name, type, manufacturer, warranty, and price. The purchase invoice shows the company’s bank account number to make your payment and the device will be shipped with through the largest international shipping companies.
  • The company also provides training services by telephone or communication programs via the internet, such as WhatsApp and Viber, with after-sales comprehensive technical support and services
  • Five years warranty certificate for the device including technical faults and does not include broken devices or misuse
  • Free and fast shipping to all countries of the world within Three working days

International delivery services:

  • Our customers: We offer you express air freight service to all Arab countries and other countries in a period that does not exceed three days from the date of purchase as we have been contracted with the largest international shipping companies, to ensure the arrival of the product to you easily and conveniently, in addition to the advantage of packaging the device in the most modern and correct way through A special department and a trained team specialized in shipping and packaging to ensure complete and comprehensive maintenance of the product to reach you without any damage and all of that will be done after providing us with the name of the recipient and the approved phone numbers in the recipient’s country and correct and accurate address to be shipped to.

Maintenance and technical support services:

  • We offer all our customers free maintenance services and training for all of our devices and we also provide the most accurate and latest technology and for gold, treasures, minerals, caves, and groundwater detecting, and we provide professional training programs and courses and on the devices with all its techniques and operating systems directly through practical field experience by the best instructors and engineers specialized in the field of prospecting and detection systems.
  • we provide the best methods of exploration and we study the client needs and then we nominate of the appropriate device that will work with the nature of the land that he needs to disclose it, and we provide with each product an international manufacturing certificate with the warranty card and its workmanship approved globally by all the authorized distributors to make the client able to benefit from all the maintenance services.
  • our sales team is working 24 hours to receive your inquiries and assist you in all the difficulties that may face you in your search trip because our first goal is to satisfy our customer and his target that he wants to achieve, We provide maintenance services for five years on all device except for devices that have been broken or misused.

Important note:

  • The management of the company offers the advantage of shipping and payment upon receipt through special shipping with the representative of the company to all the Arab countries at the lowest cost to make you comfortable and always gain your trust,
  • the management of the company through its long path of achieving all ways to the convenience of our customers, that is why the most important principles to us are to maintain the privacy of dealing with you strict confidentiality to allow our company of maintaining its reputation and good career and remain the leading and best company in the field of gold and metal detection