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The best gold detector

The best gold detector

The role of gold as one of the most important metals that has motivated humans since centuries cannot be denied. The age of gold, with its irresistible charm, is considered a safe and desirable investment option all over the world. Gold Master provides the best gold detector Gold Vision.

The best gold detector

The Gold Vision gold detector is an innovative new release that comes from GeoGround, the company that knows best in metal detectors. This natural device is distinguished by its ability to detect gold and find the smallest gold nuggets and its frequency is a small fourth.

Features of the best gold detector

Among the features of the Gold Vision device are the following:

  • The device has cosmic sensitivity on the smallest natural gold grains in different environments and soils.
  • The system allows automatic body tracking in a variety of ways. This includes running it and being exposed to the harmful effects of the soil.
  • Allows adjustment of stroke control speed as impact changes and damaging effects.
  • It is a tool that can be investigated to distinguish between strength and power for superior performance.
  • Signs of hot, deformed iron and rock can be ignored as it is there.
  • Determination of electromagnetic interference resulting from sources.
  • Allows you to adjust the device signal to ground and detection buttons.
  • It allows the use of the device at the same time as lethal without impact on the body and immersion of the search coils in the underwater detector.
  • Built-in device to optimize and optimize resources during use.
  • Provides screen illumination for screen settings in low-light conditions.
  • Allows volume and boost options to enhance your gold detecting experience.

Components of a gold detector

The gold detector consists of the following parts:

  • System Box (Main Controller): Acts as the main control unit for the main computer hardware, display, and control buttons.
  • Chassis: Chassis and connects to the system box. Once in the middle of the little disk even while searching.
  • 6 x 10 inch DD Resistive Search Disc: The search disc is the part that passes through the ground to detect non-resistant metals. It has a size of 6 x 10 inches and is DD (double) type and waterproof.
  • Speaker: Used to hear the sound the device emits when detecting small targets. It has high sound quality, easy to use, foldable and store.
  • Batteries: It works as a power source to operate the device and requires.
  • Charger: Used to charge rechargeable AA batteries. It is used to charge batteries without implanting them for future use.

Gold Vision

The best gold detector

The best gold detector

The Gold Vision detector is the latest version from Geo Ground. This device has modern and advanced technologies that help in discovering and detecting all types of metals, including gold, silver, copper, platinum, and iron.

The Gold Vision device is suitable for those searching for treasures and buried objects, as it is capable of discovering gold coins and ornamental jewelry such as bracelets and earrings that are made of gold. Uncover ancient relics such as bronze, stainless steel swords or daggers, silver or gold utensils and cups, etc.

The Gold Vision device can be used in different environments and locations including:

  • Beaches: The device can be used to search for jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and watches on beaches.
  • Public facilities: The device can be used to search for then lost in items on public sites.
  •  Caves and Tunnels: The device can be used in areas that may contain empty space or old belongings.


The Gold Vision detector is an advanced device belonging to the category of sensor and imaging system detectors. This device is characterized by its ability to detect various archaeological treasures.

  • Brand: Geoground, a company known for manufacturing high-quality metal detectors.
  • Depth: The Gold Vision device stands out for its powerful detection ability, as it can detect metals and treasures up to a depth of 40 meters.
  • Origin: Device in Germany.
  • Warranty: The Gold Vision device comes with a 3-year warranty.


The Gold Vision device is distinguished by the presence of important features and uses that include:

  • Gold Vision can detect a variety of metals including silver, copper, platinum and iron.
  • Gold Vision is a great tool for detecting gold and gold items such as gold coins and decorative jewelry such as bracelets, watches and earrings.
  • With its advanced technology, Gold Vision can detect ancient relics such as bronze statues, stainless steel swords or daggers, and silver or gold utensils.
  • Gold Vision is useful for those looking for jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and watches on the sources.
  • Gold Vision can be used on general design sites to search for lost valuables such as old or lost tools.

How to choose a gold detector?

When choosing a gold detector, you must consider several factors that affect its performance, especially when searching for a metal detector specifically for gold, including:

  • Environment: The environment you are prospecting in varies greatly, which affects the performance of the detector.
  • Soil: Sandy or clay soil affects the device’s ability to pick up gold signals.
  • Metals: The presence of other metals in the soil can interfere with gold signals.
  • Weather conditions: Heat and humidity can affect device performance.
  • Detector Repeatability: A detector’s repeatability refers to its ability to distinguish signals of gold from signals of other metals.
  • Low frequency: better for searching for gold in mineral soil.
  • High frequency: better for searching for gold in clean soil.
  • Ground Balance Features: This feature helps reduce interference from minerals in the soil, improving the device’s ability to detect gold.

How to detect gold via mobile phone?

Special applications can be downloaded on smartphones from online stores for iOS and Android. These applications depend on sending and receiving electromagnetic waves from the Earth, and when these waves interact with metal pieces, changes in the signal occur. A smartphone can compare them and detect the locations of these metal pieces.

Is there a device to detect gold underground?

Yes, there are specialized devices for detecting underground gold. These devices often rely on electromagnetic or geophysical sensing techniques to detect changes in geological structure. They indicate the presence of metals, including gold, under the surface of the earth. These devices vary in size, technology, and capabilities.

What metal detects gold?

The gold metal itself is usually used as a reference for detecting gold, as detectors are set to specific frequencies that interact with the gold and work to detect it. 

However, many modern detectors are capable of detecting and distinguishing a wide range of metals, including silver, copper, platinum, iron, and others, and are not limited to detecting gold only.

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