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The best gold detector in the world

The best gold detector in the world

Many prospectors want to obtain the best gold detector in the world due to the great development in the field of device manufacturing. This gives you many advantages, shortens many steps, and enables you to achieve all the desired goals and results. Choosing the best gold detector in the world requires knowledge and familiarity with the different types of devices and their characteristics. In this article, we will show the best way to choose the most appropriate device, taking into account your needs and the nature of your work.

How to choose the best gold detector in the world

Choosing the best gold detector in the world depends on several important and pivotal factors, including the following:

  • The manufacturer must be certified and manufacturing be carried out under the supervision of field experts, with a warranty period.
  • It is important that the device has advanced technologies to detect valuable targets at varying depths under the surface of the earth.
  • It must be designed in a distinctive and professional way, taking into account ease of use that facilitates the search process even for beginners.
  • This device must have an adaptive ability to withstand harsh environments, temperature differences, and distinguish between types of metals accurately.
  • The device should be multi-use in detecting gold, coins, jewelry and various metals.
  • It must have the ability to control the settings and characteristics to adjust it to suit the mineral to be excavated.
  • The device should be available at varying prices that suit most researchers and prospectors.
  • The materials used in manufacturing must be of superior quality.
  • It should be lightweight to facilitate moving from one place to another.
  • It is important that the device continues to work for long hours without charging so as not to affect the effectiveness of the research.

Gold Legend

The best gold detector in the world

The best gold detector in the world

The Gold Legend device is one of the most powerful and best devices for prospecting for gold and various metals. It includes many modern and unique technologies to make the excavation process smoother and more flexible. It has been manufactured with the utmost care, taking into account all international standards, which makes it top the search list of prospectors.


  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD HMI color display screen, HD 480X 320 pixels, LED backlight.
  • High-quality battery lasts for long hours without interruption with a powerful charger.
  • The device has a frequency of 72 MHz and a distinct ARM processor.
  • SD type memory with a large storage capacity of 2 GB.
  • Operating temperature ranges from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.


  • A small device with a simple design, which facilitates the search process while traveling and moving from one place to another.
  • It includes many settings that adjust the search process and make it more accurate. It helps in knowing the exact location of different metals.
  • The device can know comprehensive details about metals, such as the amount of depth and the type of metal. It has different frequencies that suit most metals.
  • It has many different systems, the most famous of which are the long-range search system, the smart depth system, the free mode system, and the ionic system. This ensures access to metals even at great distances and depths.
  • It can distinguish between different types of metals and treasures such as gold, silver, copper, and others.
  •  It can be used in many locations, such as beaches and archaeological sites, to excavate antiquities and precious treasures.

Device bag components

The device bag is lightweight, weighing about 3200 g, and is designed in different dimensions and includes:

  • Detachable handle unit.
  • Warranty card.
  • Main electronic unit.
  • Smart Sensor or Smart Sensor.
  • RF antennas.
  • Device charger: To quickly charge the device in a short period.
  • User Guide: To know how to use the device.

Characteristics that must be available in the best gold detector in the world

There are many distinctive characteristics of the best gold detector in the world, the most famous of which are the following:

  • Using advanced techniques and means to detect metals at great depths without errors.
  • having a great ability and high sensitivity to prospect for various types of metals and distinguish between them.
  • It has special features for professional prospectors and is designed from high-quality materials with simplicity in mind.
  • Availability in several languages and settings depending on the type of metal you want to search for.

How does the best gold detector in the world work?

Here are the most important steps to explain how the best gold detector in the world works:

  • It is necessary to specify the location in which you want to search for metals, whether it is archaeological sites, beaches, or anything else.
  •  Obtaining a license from the relevant authorities to ensure that the process is carried out legally.
  • All necessary tools must be prepared for the drilling process.
  • Make sure the device is well charged and read the user guide, then press the power button.
  • Adjust the device settings to the metal to be extracted.
  • Test the device to ensure its effectiveness and that you have controlled the settings correctly, especially the sensitivity settings.
  • It is preferable that there be an appropriate distance between the device and the ground, then move the device until you receive the signal.

What is the best metal detector in the world?

There are many distinctive devices that have appeared recently, but in order for the device to be evaluated as the best metal detector in the world, it must be compatible with international standards. It must also have many features that fulfill the desires of professional prospectors.

The Gold Legend device is considered one of the most famous, best and best-selling metal detectors. It can find metal targets at different depths with great accuracy and without errors.

What depth can the gold detector reach?

The depth that the device can reach may vary according to various factors, including the type of soil and the presence of other minerals along with the metal to be searched for. Clay soil makes it difficult to find minerals compared to dry soil, in addition to the design of the device and the quality of the manufacturer

Devices designed with high frequencies can detect metals at great depths. The size and shape of the coin also play a role, because the larger and more consistent the coin is, the easier it is to find. The Gold Legend device is considered the best metal detector in the world as it can find various metals at great depths of up to 50 meters.

What is the best metal detector for gold?

The best gold detector varies according to each person’s needs and the nature of his work. Each person chooses the device that suits him the most. Everyone wants to have a device that can distinguish gold from other metals and find it even at great depths, and for the price of the device to be suitable for their budget. Of course, we will find these features combined and more in the Gold Legend device, despite its small size and ease of use.

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