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Cocord- metal detector جهاز كونكورد كاشف الذهب
Cocord- metal detector جهاز كونكورد كاشف الذهب
Device name Concord
Brand Mega Locators
Research System Long Range Locator
Surface Search Range 3000 meters
Underground search Depth 50 meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in Germany
Cocord- metal detector جهاز كونكورد كاشف الذهب


Concord metal detector is a powerful multi-systems device that combines the functionality of a Long-Range locator with a unique Pulse Induction system with smart features and complete visualization of all systems, easy to use a multilingual software program.

5 Search systems suitable for different metal detection applications

Powerful detection tools include the I.M.T.U probe and PS50, PS36, and PS28 search coils.

The modern design of the device and its accessories are made of high-quality materials that combine lightweight and beautiful appearance, with ease of installation and disassembly, while providing the best experience of use for the prospector in search fields.

Brand new long-range locator metal detection technology with enhanced detection performance, wider scan range up to 3000 m, and great depth range that reaches 50 meters.

3 Long Range Locator (LRL) sub-systems include Auto LRL, Manual LRL, and CTRL LRL with different options to customize the search process and visual indicators on the device screen to get the best results.

Unique Pulse induction system using the large PS50 incorporates new technology that brings great performance in ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection in different ground conditions, soil types, and terrain.

Brand new Smart Detect system with two modes via PS36 and PS28 search coils, a perfect choice for prospectors to find natural gold nuggets, small relics, jewelry, coins, and other metal types at small depths.

5-inch large-size LCD screen for a more comfortable experience during settings adjustment and reading or seeing visual indicators that are displayed on the screen.

Powerful modern easy-to-use graphical software program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, enabling easy selection of search systems, adjustment of search settings and selecting search programs, adjusting distance and depth range, and visually viewing results.

Operated via an external lithium-polymer battery located in a distinctively designed plastic box for better portability and replacement, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of operation time.



1 – Automatic Long-Range Locator [AUTO LRL]

AUTO LRL search system uses a special probe called the Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit or I.M.T.U, to search for the signals of potential targets within the long-range scanning field, and the reflected signals are received through a pair of antennas.

It is an advanced search system that covers large regions of the search area and this system can automatically identify all types of buried metals within a scanning area of up to 3000 m and depths up to 100 m, and display the results in the form of values that indicate the percentage of detected targets in the surround of the prospector.

Here is a list of settings that can be adjusted by the user:


It is the distance in front-range or direction of search and can be set in 0 – 3000 m range


It is the maximum depth of possible targets that the device can reach to find potential targets, its value can be set in the 0 – 100 m range

After selecting of previous settings the user can start the search process, and during the search, the antennas will move left or right depending on possible nearby targets, a visual indicator on the screen will guide the user as it displays a left or right progress bar with gradient colors from green (minimum) to red(maximum value) depending on progress bar value.

The user must track the movement of antennas to tell if he got the best signals after finishing he can move to the next screen “Report” screen which will display a visual report about the possible targets as four horizontal bars (gold – silver – iron – diamond), every bar will display an estimated percentage value that indicates the probability of target composition.


2 – Control Long-Range Locator [CTRL LRL]

The frequency control system is one of the new technologies and important features that have been incorporated into Infinity Max Pro, which enables the user to choose the exact value of the search frequency to search for any type of targets that the prospector tries to reach and find, thus ensuring more accurate results.

When searching using this system, the user can also set various other values and settings related to the search, which are search frequency, soil type, and front distance as detailed below:

  • Soil Type

It is the type of soil that can be set depending on the ground that the prospectors search in it, and can be set to one of the following types:

Rock – Neutral – Mixed – Metallic – Clay – Sandy – Mineral – Chalky –Salty



Users can set the custom search frequency value manually using this option.

The value range is between 100 and 5000 MHz



It is the maximum distance between the user’s location and the target position during the search process. It means that the user can search custom circular distance around himself and this distance starts from 0 to 3000 m.


It is the maximum depth of possible targets that the device can reach to find potential targets, its value can be set in the 0 – 50 m range

concord15After adjusting all of the previous settings the user moves to the scan screen and presses the “start scan” button to begin the search process.

The results screen will display a circular indicator, the direction arrow reflects the direction of antennas in degrees, beneath it is the signal graph, and on the right the inclination bar (alignment tool) that was explained previously.

A small digital compass is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen that points to the north.

3 – Manual Long-Range Locator [MANUAL LRL]

This search system uses the Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit or I.M.T.U, which sends high-frequency wave signals in the direction of the search, and the reflected signals are received through a pair of antennas, in this system it is possible to specify the type or program of the target to be searched for, this option means that the device does not receive any signal except for the target signal that has been selected, with options to set the front distance up to 3000 m and the depth up to 50 m before starting the search, this system contains 11 separate search programs, which can be selected from the list of targets.

In this system, the search values ​​and settings are manually adjusted by the user according to his preferences before starting the search, and the following values ​​can be adjusted:

  • Target

Users can choose the target type, which means a type of metal the target is made of, and they can choose from preset search programs that include all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Examples: gold – silver – copper – diamonds – gemstones



The distance value reflects the scanning field in the forward direction, and the value can be chosen accurately within a range between 0 – 3000 meters


It is the value of the maximum search depth that can be accessed through the current search settings, and the value can be set precisely within the range from 0 to 50 meters.



After adjusting the previous search settings, a digital compass appears on the device’s screen, containing an indicator indicating the direction of the device (for example, towards the north), with a graded indicator in the form of a semicircle that represents the direction of movement of the antennas according to the user’s movement when searching.


Among the important features that allow the user to accurately and correctly adjust the angle of inclination of the device is the gradient tilt indicator, which represents the degree of inclination of the device from the horizon, the green color indicates the correct values, and the red color for the wrong values ​​of the inclination angle.

4 – Pulse Induction System [PULSE INDUCTION]

This system incorporates new technology that brings great performance in ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection in different ground conditions, soil types, and terrain.

Pulse Induction systems use a powerful PS50 a Double D (DD) search coil to detect buried metallic objects that offer great search depth and efficiency to detect hard-to-find targets.

The received signals visualized on the device screen and audio tones provide additional feedback for the user to know the target type.

Users can adjust the following settings or options

Ground Balance

This option provides adjusting the ground balance according to the terrain in the search area, this is done by pressing the OK button once while keeping the DD search coil parallel to the ground until the process is completed, it is important to perform ground balance before starting the search.


This option can control the threshold of the sound of the received signals, which can be set according to the user’s preference, either to hear the weakest faint signals coming from very small targets or to ignore them to focus on hearing the signals of larger-size targets.

The user can set the value between 1 and 6.


This setting refers to the option that controls the volume of received signals, which are located at greater depths (deep, not shallow targets), as it can be set within a range of values from 1 to 6, and the higher number indicates a higher volume


This option adjusts the audio tone settings, where it is possible to choose between several levels of tones, and by changing them, the visual representation of the signals changes.


The results screen in the pulse induction system displays to the right of the buttons corresponding to the previous settings, a colored 2D graph that changes according to the target over which the PS50 coil passes and the bottom of the graph displays two indicators corresponding to the type of target detected (ferrous or non-ferrous) whose length changes according to the received signals.

5 –Smart Detection System [SMART DETECT]

A smart detection system is a perfect choice for prospectors to find natural gold nuggets, small relics, jewelry, coins, and other metal types at small depths of about 3 meters or less.

Developed with enhanced technology in terms of features, metal discrimination, and two search coils (PS36, PS28) to offer the best performance in all terrain and soil types.


When searching with the smart detection system two sub-modes correspond to each search coil:

1 – Mode 1 / PS36

Use the PS36 [a coil with 36 cm diameter] to detect targets, the device displays a screen that includes indicators and buttons through which the detection settings and options can be set, as follows:

  • Calibration

By selecting this button and pressing the OK button, the user can perform a calibration of the coils before starting the search, for more accurate results.

  • Detection Mode

Choosing the detection mode is done by activating one of the three buttons corresponding to detection mode, which are:

1 – All Metals

It is a general detection mode, by activating it, the device can receive signals from ferrous and non-ferrous metal targets.

2 – Non-Ferrous

By activating this detection mode, the device will filter the signals to receive signals of non-ferrous metal targets only such as gold, silver, and copper, meaning that the device ignores the signals of targets made of ferrous materials

3 – Ferrous

This detection mode is opposite to the previous mode, where the device receives signals from iron targets only, such as iron, and ignores the signals of other metals

  • Sound

The sound that comes out through the internal speaker on the device is enabled or not through this option, which is useful in the case that the user wants to know the type of target through the digital indicator without hearing the sound like in noisy environments.

  • Target ID Indicator

It is a circular digital graphic indicator that displays in the center of the circle a number called the digital target identifier (Target ID) corresponding to a specific type of metal such as gold.

On both sides of the circle, there are two symmetrical semi-circular indicators made up of bars that are gradually colored from bottom to top according to the strength of the target signal and according to the selected detection mode.

In the case of the All Metal detection mode, the left semicircular indicator is activated only if the target is non-ferrous and is in gradual colors from yellow to red, however in the case of a ferrous target, the right indicator is activated only, and the color gradient is from green to blue.

In the case of the Ferrous detection mode, the two indicators are activated in gradual colors from yellow to red (the number of colored bars depends on signal strength).

In the case of Ferrous mode, the two indicators are activated in gradual colors from green to blue.


  • Threshold

This option can control the threshold of sound of the received signals, The user can set it using a vertical indicator with values from 1 to 6, it increases with a number which means a higher threshold value corresponds to hearing the weakest signals for example coming from very small gold nuggets.


2 – Mode 2 / PS28

Use the PS28 [a coil with 28 cm diameter] to detect targets, the device displays a screen that includes two vertical indicators on the sides and a graphical indicator in the middle. The explanation of these indicators is as follows:

  • Sensitivity

The left vertical indicator defines the sensitivity level, the user can set it to one of 9 levels, and the higher the sensitivity value corresponds to the detection of smaller targets and vice versa.

  • Threshold

It is a right-side vertical indicator that defines the threshold value, The user can set it to one of 9 values the higher the value corresponds to hearing the sounds of the smallest targets, and the smallest values match the hearing the sound of larger targets.

  • Signal Indicator

It is a graphical indicator in the middle of the screen, displays a Target ID number and FE / NONFE indicators that are enabled based on metal type ( ferrous or non-ferrous), plus the visual signal indicator which displays a set of circles with increasing diameters from top to bottom that light up (activated) based on the signal strength of the detected target


  • Main Electronic Unit
  • Smart Sensor
  • Wireless Handle Unit
  • RF Antennas
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card