Research SystemSound System
ObjectiveRaw Gold
Underground search Depth5 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inTurkey


  • About the device:
  • The MAKRO Manufacturer has developed this device to meet the needs of amateur and adventurous prospectors for better performance and search depth, with a water-resistant search plate specially designed to search for gold artifacts on beaches and in water.
  • The treasures detector can locate coins and gold jewelry underground, underwater and on the beaches
  • The MAKRO Multi Kruzer device can search for gold and metal coins at an underwater depth up to 5 meters, the device operates at multiple frequencies 5kHz / 14 kHz / 19 kHz to search for the smallest gold nuggets Whether underground, on the beach or even underwater


Available languages

Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

  • Total weight: (1.4 kg)
  • This multi-frequency device has three frequencies 5 kHz / 14kHz / 19kHz
  • Depth: (5 meters) Waterproof
  • The Macro Multi Kruzer operates through six search modes:
  1. All metals mode “GEN2”
  2. The two tones search mode “Tone 2”
  3. The three tones search mode “Tone 3”
  4. The four tones search mode “Tone 4”
  5. The beaches search mode
  6. The Deep search mode
  • Advanced beach mode: Macro Multi Kruzer can be used in dry sand, wet sand, and underwater
  • Three levels of target depth
  • High performance and unprecedented depth where the Multi Kruzer detector can detect the deepest nuggets of raw natural gold, jewelry pieces, small ornaments, and many more
  • Online Firmware Updates: Stay up-to-date with the firmware updates (via USB on your PC) and get the most out of your detector.
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Device Components:

  1. Device carrying case
  2. Device Charger
    • GHz wireless headphones
  3. USB cable
  4. Two Water Resistant search Plates
  5. User’s Guide and Warranty Certificate