Mega Scan Pro
Mega Scan Pro
Device name Mega Scan Pro
Brand Mega Locators
Research System Long-Range Sensor, Ionic and Magnetic System
Surface Search Range 2000 meters
Underground search Depth 40 meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in Germany
Mega Scan Pro

Mega Scan Pro

  • The new version of the Mega Scan Pro 2019 gold metal detector device is the latest and most advanced model in the world,
  • With your new and advanced device, you will be able to search in vast and various lands and areas in a shorter time compared to traditional deployed devices and you will be able to set undetected targets with unexpected depths and distances very easy.
  • Now with the legendary device Mega Scan Pro the user can detect gold, metals, treasures, spaces, and caves, as well as diamonds and gems up to an underground depths of 40 meters and an extent of front search range up to 2000 meters on the surface,
  • The Mega Scan Pro device is easy to use according to the testimonial of the users of the device and its accuracy reaches up to 100% With the best suitable for all budgets price.
  • The device operates on 10 long-term scanning programs, 2 magnetic measurement programs and the ionic scanning program with a total of 13 search programs in one electronic circuit provided in this device, which is the latest of all
  • The device uses ARM processors and a 4.3 inch TFT color screen display.
  • The Mega Scan Pro 2019 Features:
  • The Mega Scan Pro 2019 features unique features that are only available in this device. The Mega Scan Pro is the first modern German device that combines three different search systems in one device to give you the ability to search all of the earth’s treasures including raw gold, metals, treasures, spaces, diamonds, etc.
  • One or more search systems can be used also you can combine more than one system, to give you the best results
  • The Mega Scan Pro search systems:
  • The Long-range sensor system:
  • The long-range sensor system is an ideal choice for prospectors and treasure hunters, giving impressive results, containing 10 detection programs, a depth of 40 meters underground and a front search range up to 2,000 meters on the surface.
  • The sensor system in the Mega Scan Pro device has 10 search programs which are:
    1. The Buried Gold detection program
    2. The Row Gold detection program
    3. The Silver detection program
    4. The Iron detection program
    5. The Platinum detection program
    6. The Bronze detection program
    7. The Copper detection program
    8. The Gemstones detection program
    9. The Diamond detection program
    10. The Caves and spaces detection program
  • This method enables the user to locate the target accurately and gives him a better ability to verify the target’s validity.
  • The box around the target can be completed with a distance of 200 cm from the center of the target when the user is in the same line with the target and the antennas turn to target.
  • The goal of all four aspects is otherwise that there is a possibility that the goal is not real
  • A Very important note:
  • When using the device to search for the following objectives: Diamonds, precious stones, and platinum
  • The deep master unit should be planted into the ground and operated in any nearby random place to make sure that the targets are searched properly and effectively.
  • The Ionic scanning system:
  • The ionic scanning system is used to detect ionic fields that are produced by long-buried underground metals. All metals have their own ionic fields, and that field effect increases by the increase of the period of the underground metal’s presence.
  • And by the metal acquiring more electronics from the surrounding environment, these effects will be vary depending on the metal different ground factors in this region
  • The ionic system is based on the scientific basis of the characteristics of the metal, its chemical composition and the metal rank in the periodic metal table. The ionic scanning system can capture signals from these ionic fields from long distances and can alert the user in case of approaching them
  • The Magnetic measuring system:
  • First, you need to install the Super Sensor of the measurement of terrestrial magnetic in the device, and then install the headphones to the device,
  • After that you need to turn on the device and select the operating language then the screen will show the search system, you need to choose the magnetism measurement system by pressing the enter button
  • when entering the system the device will indicate to The system is with colors automatically it is available to move to the system directly on the Magnetometer button to the right of the control panel
  • Before you start the search you must reset the device by pressing the magnetometer button and you must also put the device vertically towards the ground, of course, this process must be done in a place free of metals. To verify the correctness of the work, you must press the reset button more than once until the device is idle and there are no signals or vibrations given by the device. And The indicator is at its lowest level. Then you can start checking the area you are looking for.
  • This effective system in the Mega Pro Scan Pro gives more success to prospectors and treasure hunters As the User passes over the spaces or metals, the level of the signal on the screen will increase and he will also hear an increase in the sound vibrations directly. In this system, if the user was holding the device in a tilted way, not vertically, he could get the wrong results.
  • the user also can increase or decrease the magnetic sensitivity according to the terrain conditions using the left and right arrows, and he can also control the speaker’s volume through the button on the speaker cable
  • The Target Indicator:
  • The targets are indicated by the signal lines to the top, If the signal was weak it means that the target is either small size or its buried far from the soil surface, but If the signal was strong, it means that the target is either close to the soil surface or that it is a large size target buried deep in the underground
  • Note: Always check the accuracy of the target after the appearance of a signal on the screen, you must reset the device outside the target location, by long pressing the button in the far right of the control panel, and if repeated signal means that the target is real with a 100% percent


Available languages:

  • The Mega Scan Pro device is being used all around the world that is why it has 8 operating languages available.
  • The user can select one from the list when the device is turned on and the device works according to this language even after the shutdown and restart.

Languages available in the device are: German, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Persian, Turkish, and Arabic

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Device Components:

  1. Carrying case
  2. The device main unit
  3. Search antennas
  4. Headphones
  5. Reinforced signal plate
  6. Car charger
  7. Home charger
  8. Charging Cable
  10. Depth measurement unit
  11. Super Sensor
  12. User Guide

Mega Scan Pro