Research SystemSound System
ObjectivePrecious Metals
Underground search Depth2 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inUSA


  • GARRETT AT PRO Gold and Metal Detector:
  • GARRETT AT PRO is one of the best developed American technologies in the field detection of precious metals, rough gold, and ancient currencies
  • The Device is the latest version of the USA GARRETT factories, which is accurate in results and easy to use in detecting gold, metals, and coins
  • Garrett™ AT Pro is a unique device that detects up to 2 meters depth
  • The Device is suitable for beginners and hobbyists


Available languages

Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

  • The system of the distinction between minerals with precision and craftsmanship
  • Canceling iron metal search and not giving any indication on it
  • Adjustable frequency according to user skills
  • The search system for all metals and the complete and comprehensive separation system of the metals
  • A special system to determine the strength and sensitivity of the search
  • Volume control and ringing type
  • High speed and accuracy in performance
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Medium and high search sensibility sensor
  • Parts & Components
  • Videos
  • Catalog

Device Components:

  1. Main processing unit
  2. Small sensor included as a gift
  3. Removable device handle
  4. Headphones
  5. Made in the USA
  6. Training DVD
  7. English user catalogs
  8. Two-year warranty certificate