Device nameGARRETT GTI 2500
Research SystemSound System
ObjectivePrecious Metals
Underground search Depth2 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inUSA


  • About the device:
  • The GTI 2500 Metal Detector is a professional high-quality detector that delivers higher than average performance while it does not require complex adjustments suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional’s prospectors.
  • It can search for Missing minerals such as gold, precious metals, and coins.
  • The Increase of the detection depth Even in the most harmful conditions of the earth makes the GTI 2500 device worth selecting,
  • start searching for treasure using this sophisticated device and enjoy this unique detector features
  • GARRETT is one of the oldest companies in the world. It is one of the first international companies that is unique in its equipment and the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of underground metal detectors.


Available languages

Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

The system of the distinction between minerals with precision and craftsmanship

  • Canceling iron metal search and not giving any indication on it
  • Adjustable frequency according to user skills
  • The search system for all metals and the complete and comprehensive separation system of metals
  • A special system to determine the strength and sensitivity of the search
  • Volume control and ringing type
  • High speed and accuracy in performance
  • Use the EagleEye front dish to accurately select and identify small objects.
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Device Components:

  1. The Main processing unit
  2. Sensitive Earth Search sensor + Small sensor Attachment as Gift
  3. Deep Eye Search Disk
  4. The removable handle (rack)
  5. Headphones
  6. Training DVD
  7. English user catalogs
  8. Device carrying case
  9. Two-year warranty certificate