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Device name GARRETT AT MAX
Research System Sound System
Objective Raw Gold
Underground search Depth 2 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in USA


  • Garrett AT Max is one of the most popular products of the US Garrett:
  • The Device Is not affected by the quality of the soil as it works in all types of terrain such as clay soil, rock, and mountains and also works underwater very naturally as it is water resistant,
  • the Garrett AT MAX device can detect gold and the smallest gold nuggets to good depths
  • The device comes with integrated Z-Lynk wireless technology for faster audio delivery with wireless speakers with many additional features


Available languages

Languages available in the device are: English, French, German, and Spanish

Device Specifications:

  • The new Z-Lynk integrated technology
  • The Integrated circuits send audio to your wireless headset. Six times faster than Bluetooth speed! With an Auto pairing, No cables, no interference from other wireless devices.
  • The new Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headset: Include the Z-Lynk Wireless Technology which provides speed and High Definition Audio with no wires included!
  • The maximum depth detection: The increased transmission capacity and improved AT Max electronics provide a significant increase in depth. Put all metal mode to detect all metals
  • The Backlight: The LCD screen lights up to improve visibility in low-light situations.
  • The Optimized frequency: The 13.6 kHz operating frequency at AT Max offers an excellent discovery of a wide range of targets, including silver coins, gold jewelry,
  • The Land Balancing: Automatic and manual adjustment for improved performance. Includes 175 points of ground balance resolution, allowing The AT Max device to process both conductive soil (eg saltwater beaches) and mineral lands.
  • The Non-Detecting Iron feature: The iron-iron cancellation feature is via the control button on the device
  • The Garrett AT Max works in the most difficult terrain
  • The Garrett AT Max gold detector can operate underwater to a depth of 3 meters.
  • Garrett AT Max includes four search modes:
  1. Put all metals mode
  2. Custom mode
  3. Put the coins mode
  4. Zero setting mode
  • Fast response speed
  • Fast recovery speed
  • Distinguish between precious metals and non-precious metals
  • Currency depth indicator
  • Battery status indicator
  • Comes with two search plates to give you the ability to search for the largest possible depth in the detection of gold and precious metals
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Device Components:

  1. Device carrying case
  2. The device main unit
  3. Search Plate size 8.5*11
  4. Protection Plate for the search Plate
  5. Advanced wireless headset
  6. Headdress
  7. User’s Manual in English, Spanish, French, and German
  8. Two year warranty certificate