Device nameGOLD SEEKER
Research SystemSound System
ObjectiveRaw Gold
Underground search Depth3.5 meter
Warranty2 years
Made inGermany


  • About the device:
  • The German Gold Detector Gold Seeker uses pulse induction system, where the system is easy to use and the ability to detect gold, raw gold and gold bullion easily and accurately up to underground depths of 3.5 meter
  • The device is characterized by two search systems to distinguish between precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze and other non-precious metals such as iron, steel, etc., which gives the best results for the gold searcher.
  • Gold Seeker works in different terrain and is not affected by any environmental factors due to its ground calibration system which is not affected by moisture in the soil or mineral rocks or solid lands or land containing mineral salts.
  • How the device works:
  • The device sends a signal to the search disk, which in turn generates an Eddy Current signal, which creates spiral waves and amplifies them to more than 1000 beats per second to help the device to cover deeper underground depths with the analysis of the signal from the target to distinguish the detected metal if it is precious or non-precious.
  • After adjusting the ground balancing system by pressing the ground balancing button, we lift the device disk 2 cm above the ground with a slight movement to the left and right so that the search disk is parallel to the surface of the earth.
  • When a precious metal is captured such as raw gold, the device emits a continuous sound while the green indicator lights up to alert the user to the presence of precious metal.
  • If the detected underground metal was non-precious such as iron, the device sounds choppy with the red indicator light.
  • In case the signal is weak, we press the tune button to raise the sensory underground depth of the search disk to reach deeper depths and confirm the target peacefully.
  • To avoid losing smaller and deeper targets, move the disc from right to left and from left to right.
  • To make sure the type of the target is valuable or not valuable we move the disk slowly with the stand above the target for 10 seconds.

Available languages

Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

  • The Gold Seeker Gold Detector is a Pulse Induction System
  • Gold Seeker Gold Detector contains two search discs one with a diameter of 28 cm and the other is 15 cm diameter
  • The underground depth of the Gold Seeker device is 3.5 meters
  • Gold Seeker works in the most difficult terrain and is not affected by various climatic and environmental factors.
  • The Gold Seeker is characterized by high quality in manufacture and light weight of 7.5 kg and suitable for long practical use.
  • Gold Seeker uses the ground calibration system
  • Functions of the light indicators on the control panel within the device handle:
  • The red light indicates the existence of non-precious metals.
  • The green light indicates the existence of precious metals.
  • A tune button with a blue indicator and its function is to raise the sensory range of the disk to reach deeper underground search depths
  • The device works with battery BT 144.
  • Two-year warranty starting the date of purchase.
  • One of the best German gold detection devices where the Gold Seeker has received the European CE certificate according to international standards.
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Device Components:

  1. Carrying case
  2. Headphones
  3. Search disk diameter 28 cm
  4. Search disk diameter 15 cm
  5. The battery
  6. The charger