Device nameIMPACT
Research SystemSound System
ObjectiveRaw Gold
Underground search Depth3 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inTurkey


  • IMPACT Gold Treasures and Coins Detector:
  • IMPACT is the first device of its kind with multiple search frequencies in a single device with 12 custom search modes.
  • These modes are designed for different situations and conditions to explore and hunt for various types of targets such as gold treasures, coins, ferrous metals and at all kinds of terrain such as rocky land and agricultural soils And even on beaches and near rivers.
  • The device includes three different search frequencies with the feature of updating the software via the Internet (by computer) and other multiple technical features.
  • The device also is featured with its modern luxury design with light weight and ease of use, load, and installation and it is very easy to change the settings and selection of search systems and other options through the simple design of the device’s search lists.
  • If you are looking for a device that guarantees you the ability to search within good depth with the distinction between metals feature, this device must be your favorite choice as by owning this device it will leave a strong positive impact on your future explorations to search for gold and treasures as the device’s name suggests.

Available languages

Language available in the device is: English

Device Specifications:

  • Twelve search modes as follows:
  1. Two motionless search modes with voice recognition feature
  2. Two search modes for all metals (with voice recognition feature)
  3. Eight Conditions of discrimination as follows:
    • Two tones / three tones / 4 tones / 99 tones / deep / land conveyor / VLX 1 / VLX 2
  4. A filter that identifies one or more target IDs for unwanted metals and filters them where it can tone unwanted metals with a low or a different tone to give you the ability to identify unwanted metals and thus ignore these targets
  5. Three ground balancing options:
    • Automatic balance
    • Manual balance with the ground
    • Tracking mode according to terrain change
  6. A special sound tone for iron that can be turned on or off and its sound can be adjusted
  7. Tone separator where breakpoints can be set for target response tones on the target ID field
  8. The ISAT feature, which allows the stable operation of the device by ignoring and eliminating the faulty signals caused by hot rocks and high mineralization in search conditions (all metals and conditions of discrimination) as well as the elimination of deviations from the maximum limits resulting from changes in the earth and temperature in static search conditions.
  9. Adjusting the sound tone by adjusting the target frequency and maximum tones within the range (150 – 700 Hz)
  10. Magnetic mineralization index showing the mineralization density of the earth.
  11. Voice enhancement feature
  12. Backlighting
  13. Easy to save settings or reset the device to factory settings
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Device Components:

  1. The system box contains the device main unit with its electronic components and the search disk cable connection ports
  2. The Double D “DD” IM28 Waterproof Search Disk with the dimensions (28 x 18) cm
  3. The Double D “DD” IM28 Waterproof Search Disk with the dimensions (19 x 10) cm
  4. Headsets
  5. USB cable
  6. Four AA rechargeable batteries
  7. Charger for the batteries and car charger
  8. Rain cover for the main unit and the screen
  9. User’s Manual
  10. Optional accessories:
  • The Double D “DD” IM28 Waterproof Search Disk with the dimensions (24 x 13) cm
  • The Double D “DD” IM28 Waterproof Search Disk with the dimensions (40 x 35) cm