EXP 4500
Device nameEXP 4500
Research SystemImaging
ObjectiveArchaeological treasures and precious metals
Underground search Depth25 meters
Warranty3 years
Made inGermany

EXP 4500

  • The EXP 4500 Gold Detector is a multifunctional device that is based on underground 3D imaging
  • EXP 4500 enables you to detect all underground buried treasures up to 25 meters of underground depth
  • EXP 4500 can identify buried objects, such as ancient artifacts, metals such as gold, silver, etc., even if it was buried very deep.
  • The EXP 4500 ground scanner is a high-performance device in metal detection


Available languages:
Arabic – English – Persian – Turkish – French – Spanish – German

Device Specifications:

  1. Minerals and treasures detection and 3D exploration system
  2. 3D target imaging including size and depth
  3. Gold and other great value items detection
  4. The ability to find ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, gold, silver, bronze, and treasures of coins
  5. Determination of caves, tunnels, and spaces
  6. Prospecting for gold, caves, and treasures with several specialized detection antennas
  7. Very lite weight
  8. Fast, easy to operate and use
  9. Immediate interpretation of the target area location
  10. Determine the depth of the target
  11. Ease of use
  12. 3 years warranty
  13. German technology


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Device Components:

  • 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm GPR Antenna for tunnels detection
  • Super Sensor for ground tests
  • FS-Thermoscan to receive infrared and convert it to images
  • The device’s main measurement unit includes a portable PC for displaying data directly on the full-color display screen while scanning