Device nameEVOLUTION
Research SystemImaging
ObjectiveRaw Gold and Treasures
Underground search Depth9 meters
Warranty3 years
Made inGermany


  • EVOLUTION is the easiest to use geological scanner developed by OKM the German manufacturer
  • The EVOLUTION device works with the imaging system to reveal the hidden underground treasures and archaeological tombs within underground depths that reach up to 9 meters
  • The device is made up of a small, lightweight unit
  • This device is ideal for beginners because it is easy to use as there are direct instructions on the screen explaining how to work on the device step by step


Available languages:
Arabic – English – French – Spanish – Farsi – German

Device Specifications:

  • The device works with a 3D ground-based imaging system
  • The device is easy to use for beginners in the field of gold exploration, buried treasures, and spaces
  • The device gives quick results of detecting buried objects in the ground in a simple and fast manner
  • The ability of gold, treasures, caves, and spaces detection and determining its location and depth with very high accuracy
  • Detecting gold, silver and all kinds of minerals with advanced differentiation system
  • The device works in all terrain, such as mountain and rugged areas
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Device Components:

    1. The main console with a touch screen
    2. Wireless telescopic probe
    3. Equipment for fixing the console on the forearm
    4. Headphones
    5. Bluetooth equipment
    6. Program for image analysis
    7. Bag to carry the device
    8. User’s Guide