Device nameROVER UC
Research SystemImaging
ObjectiveMonuments and historical tombs
Underground search Depth18 meters
Warranty5 years
Made inGermany


  • Rover UC the German gold detector is a new generation of detection and exploration devices supplied with the latest technology used to detect deep targets.
  • The device is smaller, lighter and more compact than any other metal detection device.
  • The device operates with the imaging system through the stick which is considered as the main control unit in the device and through it, the images are been taken
  • And the mobile device attached to the device, which is provided with an analysis program that analyzes the images taken by the device’s stick and displays the results of the targets discovered.
  • The Rover UC Gold detector is based on a proven, reliable and powerful metal detector technology and there are many of the details that have been improved in the device and therefore the Rover UC is a multifunctional device in metal detection filed and it is able to locate buried targets such as gold and silver etc., as well as caves, cemeteries, and tunnels.
  • Rover UC is suitable for prospectors working in a secret manner because of its distinctive design what makes the device does not look like a metal detector it is only a stick and mobile


Available languages:
Arabic – English – French – Spanish – Farsi – German

Device Specifications:

  • Small and lightweight
  • FM radio system
  • Shoots the target by mobile phone
  • A system of the distinction between minerals
  • Works on standard AA batteries
  • Underground Depths up to 18 meters
  • Parts & Components
  • Videos
  • Catalog

Device Components:

  1. Samsung S3 mobile phone which is used to display scanning results
  2. A sensitive sensor in the form of a stick used in the metals discovery and getting the target’s images
  3. Standard AA batteries
  4. The VISUALIZE 3D program which is used to illustrate the image of the targets and to determine the depth of the buried target underground
  5. Training catalog in Arabic and English