Device nameINVENIO
Research SystemImaging + Audio System
ObjectiveGold treasures, buried and raw gold
Underground search Depth12 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inTurkey


Here in Gold Master Company we always offer our customers the newest and exclusive devices in the field of gold and precious stone research,  now that the company has achieved tremendous success in the field of selling gold and metal detection devices in cooperation with major international factories in that field, now the Nokta factory have reached the latest technology that allows to produce a this new amazing device for detecting gold, metals, coins and precious treasures using the direct 3D graphical system, As the device can easily film the objects underground and display it’s shaping accurately and professionally on the device screen, in addition to the possibility of determining the depth and the real dimensions of buried targets discovered by the device, which provides also the advantage of distinguishing between various types of minerals.

INVENIO device for Gold and Metal Detection is a brand new device with an entirely new technology that is patented worldwide, which Includes ground layer scanning technology, and the display of the true shape, size, and depth of the detected targets on the device screen

This is the first underground imaging technology in the world to be done through a special dish for research provided by the latest Ground scanning technology.
In addition to the audio system designed specifically to search for raw gold on underground depths up to 12 meters

Available languages

English / German / Greek / Turkish / French / Italian / Russian / Arabic / Spanish / Chinese / Farsi / Bulgarian / Serbian / Romanian / Dutch / Portuguese / Polish

Device Components:

There are 2 packages of the INVENIO device the Standard package which allows you to find underground treasures up to 8 meters depth of and the professional package with larger search engines increases the underground search depth up to 12 meters

Device Specifications:

INVENIO Metal and Gold Detector allows the user to enjoy the exploration without any trouble or effort.

There are 6 search modes available:

INVENIO offers three search modes without disk movement

  1. Basic Mode
  2. Expert Search Mode
  3. Search for caves and spaces Ground Anomaly & Cavity

The INVENIO device also includes three modes used when moving the search disk:

  1. ALL Metal
  2. Fast
  3. Deep
  • The advantage of distinguishing between types of metals and hiding certain metal types:

The INVENIO device differentiates with time and effort saving for the prospector and researcher focusing on finding the targets so the researcher would spend less time digging.

  • High performance and unprecedented depth

The INVENIO Gold Detector can detect the deepest treasures of gold, jewels, ornaments, etc., which no other similar device can capture.

  • 4 GHz wireless connection:

Communication and data transfer between the system box (control) for the INVENIO device and the disk module is wireless. In addition, users who do not prefer wired headphones could purchase optional 2.4 GHz wireless headphones to hear target signals.

  • Vibration:

The INVENIO device features a vibration feature. When activated, the device will vibrate when a target is detected, that would be an essential feature for hearing impaired users when searching in areas with high noise and noise.

  • Ability to archive captured images:

The user of The INVENIO device can save all three-dimensional graphics and screen shots of the underground scanning using the disk and transfer it to his computer so he could conduct a better preview and sharper analysis.

  • Update the device software through a computer:

Updates could be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and the device software is updated as simple as connecting the USB cable attached to the device and start downloading updates to the device

  • LED front lamp and screen backlight:

The Infiniti device has a front lamp to search in the dark and the screen has a backlit light to see the results of the underground scanning even in the dark

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The Standard Package:

  1. System Box (Console)
  2. Arm with handle
  3. Sensitive IPTU
  4. Search Disk INV40
  5. Search Disc INV28
  6. Carrying case for system box
  7. Earphones
  8. Charger for the device
  9. Car charger
  10. USB cable used for data transfer and device software update
  11. IPTU Sensitive Bag
  12. Protective hoods
  13. Screws and nuts
  14. Belt
  15. Bag to carry all components of the device

The Professional Package:

  1. System Box (Console)
  2. Arm with handle
  3. Sensitive IPTU
  4. Search Disk INV40
  5. Search Disc INV28
  6. Search Disc INV56
  7. Carrying case for system box
  8. Earphones
  9. Charger for the device
  10. Car charger
  11. USB cable used for data transfer and device software update
  12. IPTU Sensitive Bag
  13. Protective hoods
  14. Screws and nuts
  15. Belt
  16. Bag to carry all components of the device
  17. Extra lithium polymer battery
  18. INV56 disc bag
  19. Belt for waist with links