Fresh Result 1
Device nameFresh Result 1
Research SystemSensor System
Underground search Depth1200 meters
Surface Search Range2000 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inGermany

Fresh Result 1

  • FRESH RESULT one system underground water detector :
  • When you turn on the device you can choose one of the following languages: German – English – French – Arabic.
  • After selecting the type of underground target that you need to search for from the menu, you can choose the front search range by a switch that is used to adjust the desired range.
  • The front range of the device (500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 meters) and the underground search depth of the device reaches up to 1200 meters.
  • After the completion of the device setting adjusting and when you start the detection process, the device sends and receives special frequencies to detect groundwater
  • When a signal is taken, the device will automatically turn to the target, and then the device will move towards the target through the transmitter and receiver antennas.
  • When you reach the center of the target, the device circles around the target directly.

Available languages:

German – English – French – Arabic

Device Specifications:

  • The FRESH RESULT device main unit
  • Main processing and setting unit.
  • A screen that includes the device settings menu.
  • Touch key control panel.
  • ON/OFF key
  • Transmitting antenna input.
  • Receiving antenna input.
  • Charger input.
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery.
  • Four antennas for transmitting and receiving.
  • The 12-volt home charger
  • Fully shock-resistant Carrying case for storing the device with all of its accessories
  • User Catalog in several languages, including Arabic.
  • warranty certificate for two years starting the date of purchase
  • First class German technology according to international standards.
  • Parts & Components
  • Videos
  • Catalog

Device Components:

  1. The main unit
  2. Carrying case
  3. Transmitter antenna
  4. Receiving Antenna
  5. Antenna
  6. Charger