Device nameJEO SONAR
Research SystemImaging
ObjectivePrecious metals
Underground search Depth6 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inTurkey


  • Gold Detector Geo Sonar is a metal detector developed to detect treasures, relics, and precious metals
  • The device has the option of manual calibration of the soil to identify and analyze its components and thus recognize the underground targets properly
  • After scanning the target, the device moves the results directly to the results screen and shows the name of the metal, its depth and the ratio of the precious metals, the device tells you about the discovered targets and write on the screen its kind either it was gold or other value metal or non-valuable minerals or steel etc.
  • Iron metal and non-valuable minerals can be isolated from the search process and then the device would not recognize them and it would give indications only on precious metals and gold
  • The device works wonderfully in all soil types and easily penetrates rock and mineral stones
  • The device is equipped with three disks for a surface, medium, and the deep scanning
  • The device program operates in both English and Arabic
  • and it has special systems to control sound strength and light intensity control


Available languages:
Arabic – English

Device Specifications:

  • JEO Sonar 3D The Dual system with the three-dimensional system of deep scanning detectable distinguishes four categories of minerals found underground: gold, precious metals, non-valuable minerals, and steel.
  • The device provides the user with all the information of the founded targets on the 3D screen. whether it was Caves, ground storage, tunnels, shelters, or tombs
  • The device also have the advantage of detecting underground spaces, as well as the identification and evaluation of an analytical report on underground minerals.
  • JEO Sonar 3D Dual system can design 3D graphics images of targets revealed underground, and JEO Sonar is the most advanced device of all of the visual system’s devices


  • Parts & Components
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  • Catalog

Device Components:

  1. Sensor scanner with 17 cm long and 14 cm width
  2. Sensor scanner with 44 cm long and width 36 cm
  3. Sensor scanner with 60 cm long and 100 cm width
  4. A large bag to hold and store the entire device and its equipment
  5. Bag for carrying and protecting the main unit
  6. 12-volt battery
  7. 220-volt electric charger
  8. 220-volt car charger
  9. Headsets
  10. An educational CD for how to use the device
  11. English and Arabic catalogs