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Device name BIONIC X4
Brand OKM
Research System Sensor Scanning System
Objective Archaeological Treasures and Precious Metals
Underground search Depth 15 meters
Warranty 3 years
Made in Germany


  • OKM, the German manufacturer of metal detectors and geophysical instruments, has specially developed the Bionic X4 the long-range gold metal tracker, for prospectors and those who seek gold treasures.
  • The Bionic X4 device can be combined with a smart Android phone to detect gold targets at long distances.
  • The built-in Bionic X4 Bluetooth smartphone connects the data that is instantly scanned to the attached smartphone, where a map of the target information is placed on the LCD screen, so the treasure hunter can see the direction, status, as well the image of the founded object directly through the smartphone’s camera, and save that Information to be analyzed subsequently.
  • Moreover, the Bionic X4 long-range gold tracker is equipped with two different gold detection methods, both of which are used to locate gold objects at long distances.


  • The Bionic Bio-Energy system gold tracking method:
  • During gold detection process, the Bionic bio-energy tracing method interacts with the bio-energy of the buried treasures to analyze the minimum variables in the target body.
  • Therefore the Bionic X4 gold tracker can locate all gold objects. Regardless of the age of gold, the Bio-Energy system can be used to find recently or long-buried gold, as well as gold artifacts that are not buried.
  • The Ionic tracking method / Ions-Chamber system:
  • The ionic tracking method measures the ionic radiation (absorbent ions) from buried golden objects. This method can find only the long-buried gold pieces.
  • Because of the tracking methods supported in the Bionic X4 gold tracker, many scanning operations, such as treasure hunting and gold protection, are possible.
  • Here are the basic search operations that could be conducted by this long-range gold tracker
  1. Tracing of buried Gold: such as Gold jewelry, gold statues, gold rings, and gold bullions.
  2. Natural gold tracking: gold nuggets, gold dust, gold veins, gilded gold, or gold object in hard rock and quartz.
  • Bionic X4 gold trackers don’t work only on arid lands, but also in humid places, wet soils and it can be used after rainy days without any caveats.
  • The Bionic X4 long-range gold tracker achieves the best performance in the densely populated areas. It is highly sensitive for any changes in the ionic spheres within the environment, and thus the device accuracy increases in areas that have not been searched before.

Available languages

Available in English and German

Exploring the treasures using the Bionic X4 gold tracker

Both the Bionic X4 and the Bionic 01 long-range gold trackers were specially made for quick exploration and exploration.

  • You can also explore areas where treasures and hidden gold artifacts may be buried.
  • These devices can be used to quickly check out unfamiliar areas to find areas of interest and hidden gold treasures areas.
  • That is why the device has the ability to help gold explorers and treasure hunters who have no idea where to start the search. The device can get them a rough idea of the terrain within the search area quickly and easily.
  • The Bionic X4 is specifically designed for hard-to-navigate terrain due to accumulated forests, rocky heights, or surfaces.
  • Treasure Explorer will use the Bionic X4 gold tracker to check the horizon for finding the direction of where any gold small pieces had disappeared. Once the direction of the golden target is determined, the permanent sound signal of the gold tracker changes and the direction can be determined on the smartphone screen.
  • To determine the exact position of the gold target, the user should conduct a triple direction detection with the Bionic X4 gold tracker.
  • Then he has to conduct the scan process from two different directions at least and he had also to make sure that the tracker always responds to gold.
  • Once the user finds that one two or more positive signs of the gold target had been confirmed, the potential location of the target would be found at the intersection of all directions.
  • The user could combine the use of the Bionic X4 and the UC Rover devices for better results
  • The Bionic X4 gold tracker cannot give a specific result about the size and depth of buried gold pieces. Therefore, it is always preferable to use a separate 3D ground scanner to conduct an underground scan.
  • The Rover UC is a good choice, at this point as the Rover UC device also uses an Android smartphone as a controller similar to the Bionic X4 decide
  • By using the Bionic X4 long-distance gold tracker, the user can determine where the gold is buried underground. And then the Rover UC device can determine the exact location, size and the depth of the buried object, depending on the nature of the soil.

Device Specifications:

  1. An Android smartphone could be used to increase the effectiveness of gold tracker Bionic X4 device
  2. The ability to install an Optical tracking device
  3. Digital compass for navigation (guidance)
  4. Visual focus on gold targets
  5. The ability to explore all of the treasures within the search area with the Bionic X4 gold tracker
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Device Components:

  1. Wireless Stereo Headphones
  2. Laser pointer for direction determination (useful at night)
  3. Illuminated LED display (OLED), very easy to read
  4. LED lights for nighttime searches (can be used with a flashlight)
  5. OKM Power Pack which operates Up to 16 hours continuously
  6. Peli transport container, shock, and water resistant include wheels and retractable handle for easy transportation.