Device nameROVER C4
Research SystemDirect Imaging
ObjectiveArchaeological treasures and precious metals
Underground search Depth25 meters
Warranty3 years
Made inGermany


Rover C4 Metal Detector, 3D Geological Scanning System:

  • OKM the German expert in the field of gold detecting has improved the metal detection technology in the Rover series and manufactured the Rover C4. It has integrated three of the previous OKM detectors (Rover C, Rover C II, and Rover Gold) into one outstanding device, called the Rover C4.
  • The Rover C4 3D Gold detector is easy to use as it is integrated with a touchscreen. It can detect lost treasures (coins, rings, jewelry, etc.), as well as hidden foundations (tunnels, caves, catacombs, graves, etc.).
  • The detector is also equipped with an innovative Orbit LED, which visually points to objects underground while scanning the ground and sends a colored light to visualize detected metals and cavities


Available languages:

Arabic – English – French – Spanish – Farsi – German

Elements that could be detected found using the 3D Rover C4 ground scanning device:

  1. Treasure boxes, gold coins, jewelry, silverware, old statues, and public valuables
  2. The underground spaces of the tunnels, tombs, rooms, cellars, catacombs, caches, and shelters
  3. Natural gold minerals
  4. Gold ore, gold deposits, and gold veins


Data Analysis using the Visualizer 3D software:

  • By walking the scanning field in a certain way (parallel or zigzagging) the treasure detector could scan an area that interests him and collects the data and record it.
  • Then the Visualizer 3D program creates three-dimensional images representing all objects discovered underground. Thus you know where and how deep the treasures are in the earth.
  • You could transfer all of the data recorded using the Rover C4 metal detector during the underground scanning or metal scanning to the Visualizer 3D program so you could conduct a detailed 3D analysis.
  • During this analysis, you have the ability to do the following:
  1. Identifying potential objects and hidden treasures
  2. Seeing the underground targets which are represented by different colors. The color information will tell you whether the metal is non-precious such as (iron, steel, etc.), or precious metals (gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc.), or vacuum structure (cave, tunnel, tomb, etc.),
  3. You would have the ability to determine position and depth of the underground targets as the program displays the location of the objects discovered and the depth of the target buried in the ground.
  4. Besides the depth information, 3D Visualizer can also calculate the dimensions of hidden targets and buried items.
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Device Components:

3D Program (“Visualizer 3D”)

  1. Control unit
  2. Power Pack incl. Charger and travel adapter
  3. Standard Sensor with LED orbit
  4. Super Sensor with LED orbit
  5. USB Bluetooth
  6. Waterproof and shock resistant carrying case
  7. A Windows-based Tablet PC
  8. Wireless Headphones (Bluetooth)
  9. Carrying tube