Golden King
Device nameGolden King
Research SystemImaging
ObjectiveGolden and buried treasures
Underground search Depth12 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inTurkey

Golden King

  • Golden King The Gold Detector Device
  • Gold King Gold Detector operates on three searching systems: imaging, magnetic and the radar system.
  • The device has the ability to detect gold and archaeological treasures with the possibility of identifying caves, corridors, and underground spaces professionally and the possibility of clarification the underground target’s depth in meters and centimeters through the program of direct 3D imaging identification with the clarification of the discovered metal name accurately and the possibility of canceling iron and other non-precious metals from the detection process.
  • The device also can operate in 10 different languages, including Arabic and English, with a special program to analyze the signs and the emblems of the archaeological sites adopted by the largest centers and bodies globally in the field of exploration to analyze the detected signals
  • The device works efficiently in the sandy, rocky and clay lands and it is not affected by metal and basalt rocks.
  • The device is characterized by the most modern and unparalleled powerful system of exploration in all of the archaeological areas and historical places and powerful options to explore the targets in the walls, castles, caves, and cathedrals.
  • The device is characterized by a safe search feature which is not found in another scanning device, as it is not affected by other wired or wireless communication devices and it is not affected by the interference resulting from any frequency in the exploration area.
  • The device is also equipped with an operating system which is characterized by its simplicity and the power of its performance with the feature of the Arabic language and a high-resolution digital screen showing all the specifications of the target directly.
  • The device is the only device that works with 3D imaging and shows the shape of the target and show the details of the target before drilling, it also shows the name and depth of the discovered metal starting from the smallest targets to the largest targets with precision and clarity and it comes with an ability of exploring that is not found in any similar device and the ability to determine the depth in meters and centimeters.


Available languages:
Arabic – Turkish – Farsi – Bulgarian – Greek – French – Spanish – German – English

Device Specifications:

  • Rough Gold Discovery:
  • High ability to detect raw gold, gold billets, and gold sand in an excellent manner without being affected by volcanic rocks or mineral soils, and the ability to conduct the scanning on deepest depths which is greater than any other raw gold detector that the user can find in all of the world markets


  • Direct imaging and analysis of the target:
  • The Golden King radar provides users with the ability to shoot 3D graphs and shows the results of the discovered targets on the results screen with the ability to move the target image from several angles. This system is introduced for the first time in the world.
  • This system does not invite images recorded previously, but it provides the user with the live signals received from the target directly
  • The device can detect gaps in the underground, such as caves and vaults and rooms buried easily with the possibility of determining the contents of the metals founded within the vacuum and shows the results in the results screen in its real 3D Dimensions
  • Before the development of the Golden King system, prospectors, explorers, and treasure hunters had to pay too much money to show such images using the old scanning techniques.
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Device Components:

    1. The main unit contains the search screen
    2. A 7.4-Volt Lithium battery
    3. A deep search file
    4. Multi-use search file
    5. Surface search file
    6. Bag to carry the device
    7. Home Charger
    8. Car charger
    9. Headphones
    10. Laser camera
    11. Detox Detector
    12. Bag to carry the screen
    13. Special training systems
    14. Catalogs in Arabic and English
    15. Training DVDs in Arabic