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cobra gx 8000 metal detector
cobra gx 8000 metal detector
Device name COBRA GX 8000
Research System Long-Range , Ionic, ion and Bionic system
Surface Search Range 2000 meters
Underground search Depth 40 meters
Warranty 5 years
Made in Germany


Cobra GX 8000 Gold detector device  the latest German metal detector, for the first time 6 search systems in one device with search depths of up to 40 meters underground

  • Cobra GX 8000 Metal Detector is an all-in-one detector designed for treasure hunting, gold prospecting and metal detection to meet the needs of treasure hunters and professional users worldwide.
    Equipped with 6 search systems, Cobra GX 8000 all functions that gold and treasure hunters need for a successful search.
    The high performance detector developed by GEODROUND Cobra GX8000 has the latest technology Made in Germany to deliver reliable results.
    Unleash your passion for treasure hunting with the Cobra GX8000, the best and most reliable device with which you can easily discover deep-seated treasures.

Search for hidden gold treasures such as coin hoard, gold figures, jewelry (e.g. rings, chains & bracelets)
Detection of militaria such as daggers, swords, shields, etc. and metal tools
Search for different metal types (ferrous & non-ferrous)
Detection of antique and modern coins made of different metals such as gold, silver, copper or bronze.
Search systems in Cobra Gx 8000 device :
6 search systems
1_Long-range single mode
2_Long-range dual mode
3_Long-Range Manual Frequency Adjustment
4_ion system
5_Ionic system
6_Bionic system

Long Range Search Systems :
Long-range search systems include two subsystems where the prospector can search using one of two methods: Single search system (single person system) or Dual search system (two persons system).
In addition, there is a Free Mode option available in both methods for fine tune of search frequency as the user can select custom value for specific metal type

Long-range single mode :
In this search mode, the device is operated by one person. The user holds the two copper antennas with both hands.
The antennas are connected by cable to the long-range unit whose screen displays various information about the search program, soil type, depth and distance. The long-range unit in turn receives signals from the ground unit connected to the main unit.
This system is used in large open areas to investigate whether there are treasures or valuable metals in the target area. The search area is narrowed to the smallest possible radius using the long-range mode.
The search radius of the Cobra GX 8000 offers up to 2000m coverage in the front and up to 40m for centuries of treasure, tombs, treasure chests, gold coffins and more. to search.
Before starting the search, various parameters can be adjusted and settings made:
metal species
The user can choose from 12 search programs for different metal types (both ferrous and precious metal types).
Available programs:
gold treasure
gold ore
gold veins
Freely configurable
soil types
To improve the results, the user can adapt the device to different soil types
Stony ground – Rocky ground – Sand – Normal – Wet – Highly mineralized – Slightly mineralized
Distance and depth
The maximum distance of the detection field can be adjusted between 0-2000m at the push of a button. In addition, the depth performance can be adjusted between 0-40m maximum.
After all presets have been made, the search can be started by pressing the start button. The settings are shown visually on the display during the search.

Long-range dual mode :

In dual mode, the use of the device is intended by two users. Two copper antennas are linked together and each pair of antennas is held by one user each.
The basic settings of the long-range mode (metal type, soil type, distance, depth) are made as described in single mode. Afterwards, the search can be started.
Manual frequency setting
Since the customer often wanted to be able to manually select certain frequencies, the engineers of Cobra GX 8000 developed a freely configurable mode. Users can thus adjust the frequency by hand and search any type of metal.
The manual frequency setting is a sub-option within the long-range program and can be selected after selecting the respective mode (single or dual).
Use the arrow keys on the control panel of the main unit to increase or decrease the frequency.

Bionic search systems :

These search systems work with the help of a separate unit, the Ionic system unit, which connects via WLAN Cobra GX 8000 main unit.
The Ionic system unit also has a small display on which the signals are visually displayed. At the front of this unit, the appropriate sensors for each search system are installed.
First, via the main system, the option Bionic and then one of the 3 search systems
ion system
Ionic system
Bionic system
Before connecting, the Ionic system unit must be turned on and connected to the main unit.

ion system

This system is based on the latest scientific standards for the detection of fields and active currents that surround the human body without being perceived by humans.
The ion system is based on the detection of active ion currents within a radius of up to 80m around the user with the sensor of the ion system installed on the Ionic system unit.
The visualization of the signal strength takes place on the display in the form of a bar representing the strength of the signal. This is an ascending ad that increases as you approach the target. The presentation is accompanied by an audio signal which amplifies when approaching the target object.
This search system is used to locate ionic signals of long-buried objects such as ancient treasures or ancient weapons.

Ionic system :

The Ionic system has been designed with the latest insights into ionic and magnetic fields emanating from buried minerals, cavities and other objects.
The ionic system is based on the detection of magnetic fields up to 120m of the user. Here, the sensor for the Ionic system is installed on the system unit.
The Ionic system has been designed with the latest insights into ionic and magnetic fields emanating from buried minerals, cavities and other objects.
The ionic system is based on the detection of magnetic fields up to 120m of the user. Here, the sensor for the Ionic system is installed on the system unit.
The ionic system measures the absorption of ions (ionizing radiation) from buried gold. This method is used to search for long-buried treasures and artifacts. When capturing a signal, the indicator (Audio & Visual) increases as it approaches the target. For metal, the display moves true and turns yellowish red. For cavities, the display moves to the left and appears in blue.

Bionic system :

The bionic measurement process is one of the most unique and advanced systems in the field of detection of ionic and magnetic signals surrounding us in our environment. This measurement method was developed to capture the fields of buried objects.
For the successful search, the bionic system needs a reference object whose field it detects in order to search for objects with the same ion field. The device is aimed at a particular metal object, after the target object has been measured, the device emits a signal as soon as an object with a similar field has been detected. If no similar object is nearby, no signal will sound.
With the Bionic Sensor, distances of up to 40m can be achieved.
During the detection process, the Bionic system interacts with the operator`s bioenergy to detect and analyze minimal changes in the target material. Of the Cobra GX 8000 Gold Detector can detect almost all gold objects regardless of the age of the gold. It can be found both old and newly buried gold objects and non-buried gold artifacts.
When approaching the target, a corresponding signal appears on the display of the system unit. The visual representation of the received signals takes place in a two-sided bar. If the detected target is a cavity, the display moves to the left side and turns blue; in the case of a metal object, the display moves in a green-blue gradient to the right, according to the strength of the signal.
The indication of the target is static in conjunction with an audible signal when the field is similar to the field previously recorded.


Cobra GX 8000 System has an attractive and intuitive graphical user interface that uses icons. Due to the easy-to-understand user interface even beginners in the field of metal detection can easily adjust the device and choose between the settings for eg search system, floor type, distance etc.
The software of Cobra GX 8000 supports the following languages:
German, English, French, Arabic & Russian. The language selection can be changed via the settings. Likewise, the volume and the display brightness can be adapted to the needs of the user.

Languages available in the device are: German, English, French, and Arabic

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Device Components:

Shock-proof and waterproof case
The main unit
Skewers for one person system
Skewers for two person system
A data transmitter and receiver for a long-range system
Long-range link unit with transmitting and receiving units
The main unit of the Bionic system
Ion sensor
Ionic sensor
Bionic sensor
Earthing signal transmission unit
A connecting unit to connect the main unit with the grounding unit
Chargers (3)
Charger Adapter (3)
Antennas (2)
Warranty Certificate