Device nameTITAN GER 1000
Research System5 systems, including imaging and sensor
ObjectiveArchaeological treasures, gold and gemstones
Underground search Depth45 meters
Surface Search Range2500 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inGermany


Ger Detect had produced the multi-system TITAN GER-1000 device for the searching of the underground treasures.

  • The German manufacturer has developed the TITAN GER-1000 device to solve all the problems of researchers who face hard times in the exploration by using the traditional scanning devices which are scattered in the market.
  • For the first time, the TITAN GER-1000 device has five scanning systems integrated into one device
  • The device reaches a depth of 45 meters in the ground and 2500 meters in front of the prospector.
  • This device is a full scanning station provides 5 search systems in one device to detect gold and treasure buried underground
  • Specialized in the search of gold, precious metals, underground voids, and caves then locating them with high accuracy.

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The five Scanning System Included in this device are:

The First System: The Remote Sensing System:

  • This high-resolution system is a definite, detection and monitoring system to indicate your connection to the target via the intelligent Digital device screen.
  • When you capture a target, the screen will shows its direction, and the user can walk towards the target until he stands above the target precisely within an area that is confined in only one square meter
  • With a very precise and high possibility of determining the type of the discovered metal
  • Also, the device could be adjusted to detect only one type of minerals in the scanning process such as gold, natural gold, copper, silver, bronze, iron, platinum, diamonds, precious stones, lead, aluminum or underground blanks.
  • With the possibility of determining the front detecting range of the device starting from 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 or 2500 meters and an underground depth up of 45 meters.


The Second System: The Ionic Field Search System:

  • The ionic fields are radiation emanating by gold, treasures, and buried targets after being buried under the soil for a long time and their interaction with the soil, and after it has conducted a chemical reaction with the soil components and had its regularity with the northern magnetic lines.
  • One of the important points of this system is it saves you the necessity of long walking and random search in the vast territory,
  • when you use the Ionic system the device detects the target and emits a warning sound to alert the user of the target discovered, and then the user walks towards the target until he stands above it completely within an area that is confined in only one-meter squared.
  • You can also simply uncover targets as you drive your car.
  • The system also reaches a depth of 45 meters underground and 2500 meters circular.


The Third System: The Accurate High-Resolution 3D Imaging System:

  • Many new technical specifications have been provided into this system.
  • Where it depicts all of the earth layers to show the results of the scan from 3 different directions on the device’s screen and clarifies the target in founded underground the from the side, bottom and top
  • So the user could clarify all of what has included underground scanning area whether it was gold, buried minerals, caves, voids, vaults, tombs and all that is hidden under the ground.
  • It shows the depth of all the targets detected in meters and centimeters and shows you on the device program the beginning and the end of the target depth and its shape and size.


The Forth System: The Magnetometer Magnetic System:

  • This system is characterized by searching for magnetic metals such as iron and other magnetized metals and allows you to distinguish whether if there were any precious metals underground.
  • This system reaches an underground depth up to 45 meters.


The Fifth System: The Pulse Induction System:

  • This System has the ability to calibrate the soil and correct any errors automatically.

Device Specifications:

  • Five scanning systems in one device.
  • The device is small in size and easy to use.
  • The device screen works with touch to show full search data.
  • The device reaches a depth of 45 meters.
  • Possibility to determine the depth of the target underground.
  • The Front Range reaches 2500 meters with the possibility of determining the required Front Range starting from 500 meters or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 or 2500 meters.
  • The weight of the whole device with accessories (5 kg) only.
  • The device works to suit all conditions and different terrain.
  • The device is not affected by the types of soils and rocks.
  • The ability to distinguish between metals so it can identify if the metal is precious or not.
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Device Components:

  1. The main unit
  2. Ionic Sensor
  3. Signal transducer
  4. Signal Receiver
  5. Tablet device
  6. Tablet Holder
  7. Scanning Disc 45*45
  8. Scanning Disk 20*20
  9. Scanning Disc holder handle
  10. SENSOR
  11. Battery
  12. Charger
  13. Antenna
  14. Carrying case