Metal Detection

How to use the Mega Scan Pro 

How to use the Mega Scan Pro 

Metal detectors are considered essential factors in the field of prospecting for treasures and antiquities. Among these devices is the Mega Scan Pro device, which is characterized by advanced technologies and superior capabilities for detecting underground metals and gold. Gold Master provides a detailed guide on how to use the Mega Scan Pro device to achieve the best results in research and exploration.

The new version of the Mega Scan Pro

The new version of the Mega Scan Pro device comes with notable developments that make it superior to previous versions. The device is equipped with six versatile search systems that meet the different needs of treasure hunters, whether they are beginners or professionals. This version includes a set of new features and advanced search systems, which raises the level of the treasure hunting experience.

The new version of the Mega Scan Pro device has a modern design. It is also lightweight making it easy to carry and use in any location. The MegaScan Pro device has been classified as one of the best long-range sensor devices by international exploration bodies, thanks to its accuracy of up to 100% without error.

Mega Scan Pro specifications

Before talking about How to use the Mega Scan Pro, the Mega Scan Pro device comes with several advanced technical specifications that make it one of the best devices on the market:

  • 4.3-inch TFT Display: Backed by LED illumination to provide clear viewing even in low-light conditions.
  • 168MHz ARM processor: Provides fast and efficient performance, enhancing the device’s ability to process data accurately.
  • Chrome plated scanner antennas: Comes in one pair and helps improve signal accuracy and reception.
  • Li-Ion Battery: It is rechargeable with a capacity of 3600 mAh. Provides enough power for long use, and can be charged using 5V/2000mAh charging adapter or via USB port.
  • Weight is 6.3kg: With ABS waterproof design, suitable for use in various environmental conditions.
  • Equipped with a radar: to enhance signal strength: increases the effectiveness of the metal and treasure detection process.

Features of the Mega Scan Pro 

How to use the Mega Scan Pro 

How to use the Mega Scan Pro

The Mega Scan Pro device has many features that make it an ideal tool for treasure hunting. You must know these features before knowing how to use the Mega Scan Pro:

  • Enhanced 3D Ground Scanning System: Provides an accurate representation of underground targets, helping users gain interesting visual insights and analysis.
  • User-friendly interface: With visual indicators that make it easy to navigate, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Speed and accuracy in inspection and scanning: It combines speed and accuracy, which makes the search process more efficient and effective.
  • Advanced and lightweight design: makes it easy to carry the device and use it in different locations without getting tired.

Contents of the bag in the Mega Scan Pro 

The Mega Scan Pro bag contains several essential components that help achieve the best performance of the device:

  • Intelligent Multiple Transceiver Unit (I.M.T.U): This unit is considered the beating heart of the device and plays a vital role in the detection process.
  • Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T): Helps improve signal reception and precise positioning.
  • Long-range antennas: help improve the detection range and increase the accuracy of results.
  • Lithium-ion battery: Provides enough power to operate the device for long periods.
  • Headphones: Provides an excellent audio experience that helps in hearing alerts and notifications clearly.
  • Additional equipment: such as screws, nuts, battery charger and cables, as well as a user manual that facilitates installation and use.

Search systems in the Mega Scan Pro device

The MegaScan Pro device is equipped with three main search systems, each of which plays an important role in improving the accuracy and efficiency of the prospecting process:

  • Ionic system: This system is characterized by high sensitivity, which makes it capable of detecting targets in large areas and quickly issuing audio alerts. This system detects new areas for exploration and emits sounds when new targets are discovered.
  • Magnetic System: Used to precisely locate the target and determine the best point for drilling. This system is important for determining the optimal drilling position and avoiding random drilling, which saves significant time and effort.
  • Long-range sensing system: This system allows the researcher to choose the type of metal to be discovered and determine the required distances and depths. The system automatically isolates all other metals and directs the seeker towards the targets with high accuracy. This system is ideal for searching for gold and precious metals over long distances.

Mega Scan Pro device price

The MegaScan Pro costs around $6,750. This price reflects the advanced technologies and exceptional capabilities the device offers, making it a valuable investment in improving productivity and quality of work in areas such as treasure mining, construction, and engineering.

How to use the Mega Scan Pro device

To discover the earth’s treasures easily and effectively using the Mega Scan Pro device, you must follow the following steps from which you will know how to use the Mega Scan Pro:

  1. Equipment processing: 
  •     Fully charge the battery using the included charger.
  •  Install the chrome plated antennas correctly.
  • Make sure all essential components are connected.
  1. Turn on the device and adjust the settings:
  •     Turn on the device by pressing the power button.
  • Use the touch screen to adjust settings such as choosing the language and type of metal target to be detected.
  1. Choosing the appropriate search system:
  •  Choosing a long-range sensing system to determine the type of metal, distance, and depth required.
  • Using the ionic system to detect new areas and identify new targets.
  • Using the magnetic system to determine the target location and the best point for drilling.
  1. Start searching:
  • Scan carefully and slowly to ensure that the results are analyzed accurately.
  • Listen to the audio signals and notice the visual alerts provided by the device.
  1. Analysis of results:
  • When a target is discovered, use the magnetic system to determine the best point to dig
  1. Analysis of the results:
  • When a target is discovered, use the magnetic system to determine the best point to dig.
  • Carefully analyze the results to determine the type and depth of the target.

What is the best frequency for metal detection?

The frequencies used in metal detectors vary depending on the type of use and the surrounding environment. This difference in frequencies helps improve the accuracy of the detection process and increase the ability to distinguish between different types of metals. The appropriate frequency is chosen based on the size and depth of the target to be detected as follows:

  • High frequencies (8-20 kHz): Suitable for detecting small metals and surface objects.
  • Low frequencies (2-4 kHz): Suitable for detecting large metals located at great depth.

What is the best time to detect gold?

It is always advisable to review the device’s user manual for specific instructions on the best conditions and times to use it efficiently to detect gold. Determining the best time to detect gold depends on several factors, including the nature of the soil, weather conditions, and the type of detector used. Early mornings and evenings are often ideal for detection, as temperatures are moderate, making detection easier and reducing interference with other signals.

How does a metal detector work?

A metal detector contains electrical coils that generate a magnetic field. When metal passes through this field, the electrical current in the coils changes, producing an alert signal indicating the presence of metal. The metal detector relies on electromagnetic sensing technology to detect metals. 

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