Deep Seeker
Device nameDeep Seeker
Research System5 systems including imaging, sensor
ObjectiveArchaeological treasures and precious metals
Underground search Depth30 meters
Surface Search Range3000 meters
Warranty5 years
Made inGermany

Deep Seeker

  • Deep Seeker Metal and Gold Detector:
  • The latest product by GER DETECT the great German metal detectors manufacturer
  • Deep seeker has Five different search systems gathered on a single device that can set targets up to 40 meters underground depth and 3000 meters Surface Search range
  • Deep seeker is the first device of its kind which is designed with five integrated search systems to detect natural treasures in the ground such as gold treasures and antiquities and precious metals.
  • The Deep Seeker device operates according to five different search systems which are the sensor system, the ionic system, the magnetic system, the imaging system, and the blanks detection system
  • The device was designed to operate through various difficult terrains, such as rocky terrain and high mineralization, with scanning technologies that allows the device to penetrate the rock to reveal the targets to deeper depths. What makes it the best device in this field.
  • The Deep Seeker device is an integrated workstation for every prospector, professional and serious researchers who seek gold, diamonds, precious stones, buried treasures, ancient monuments, tombs, archaeological caves, and all underground vaults.


Available languages:

  • The device operates in six languages
  • German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic

Device Specifications:

  • Deep Seeker provides five integrated systems for the search for precious metals, buried treasure treasures, etc.
  • These systems include the following:
  1. The Long-Range Sensor Search System:
    • This search system is suitable for finding various metal targets buried underground up to 40 meters within a surface distance that covers up to 3000 meters
    • The target could be searched by the “target type” list that you could select any target to seek from the following:
      • Devine gold
      • Raw gold
      • Silver
      • Bronze
      • Diamond
      • Spaces
  1. The Ionic Search System:
    • This system searches for ionic fields exported by long-buried metal objects such as gold treasures
  2. The 3D Imaging System:
    • This system is designed to scan underground soil layers by a special sensor that have to be connected to the front of the device main control unit and it is used to perform the three-dimensional scan of the soil, the user can view the steps of the scanning visually via the tablet in the form of 3D vacuum representation using the analysis program The “3D Ger Analyzer” which enables the user to know all the details of the buried targets such as the size and depth
  3. The Magnetic System:
    • This system searches for magnetic (ferrous) metals such as iron and steel
  4. The Blanks Detection System:
    • This system scans for the underground spaces using the special magnetic sensor also and displays the signal strength according to the screen indicator and this mode is used for detecting the various types of underground spaces such as tunnels, catacombs, graves, caves, and various cavities
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Device Components:

  1. Bag to carry the device
  2. Device handle
  3. A special sensor that is used for both imaging and magnetic systems
  4. Tablet PC (Tablet)
  5. Holder for the tablet
  6. Search Sensitive
  7. Special sensor for ionic scanning
  8. Signal reception unit
  9. Antennas mounted on the search unit of the sensor system
  10. battery
  11. Charger for the device