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PULSE NOVA | بلس نوفا اوكي ام
PULSE NOVA | بلس نوفا اوكي ام
Device name Pulse Nova
Brand OKM
Research System Sound System
Objective Raw Gold
Underground search Depth 3 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in Germany
PULSE NOVA | بلس نوفا اوكي ام


Pulse Nova OKM metal detector is a new product from OKM, Germany released in 2021.

Pulse Nova + uses new enhanced pulse induction (PI) technology, famous for better performance

and more depth reach underground up to 3 meters, with more reliable results in comparison with

VLF metal detectors.

OKM Pulse Nova is a perfect choice for amateur and beginner prospectors as it is easy to handle

and use a metal detector with minimum controls but with professional-level performance in all-terrain.

Device Specifications:

  • The PULSE NOVA Gold Detector is a Pulse Induction System
  • PULSE NOVA Gold Detector contains two search discs one with a diameter of 38 cm and the other is 18 cm in diameter
  • The underground depth of the Gold Seeker device is 3 meters
  • Fast scanning of large areas
  • Easy localization of objects (Pinpointing)
  • Also suitable for use in densely vegetated areas
  • Also suitable for use on heavily mineralized ground (including saltwater)
  • Ignores most unwanted small items like aluminum foil
  • Interchangeable search coils
  • Waterproof search coils for gold prospecting in shallow waters
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Device Components:

  1. Control Unit with Carrying Strap
  2. Telescopic Rod
  3. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  4. LED Flashlight
  5. Charger
  6. Travel Adapter
  7. Search Coil 38 cm
  8. OPTIONAL Search Coil 18 cm
  9. OPTIONAL Frame Coil with Shipping Tube
  10. Quick Start Guide