BrandGER Detect
Research SystemSensor Scanning System
ObjectiveDiamond and gemstones
Underground search Depth35 meters
Surface Search Range2000 meters
Warranty2 years
Made inGermany


  • Diamond Hunter diamond detector is a device specializes in diamond exploration working with the long-range sensor system up to front search range of 2000 meters on the earth surface and an underground depth of 35 meters
  • Diamond Hunter is one of the best German high-quality developed products characterized by its Durability, ease of use, small size and accuracy of its results
  • The device had been tested by its manufacturer before introducing it to the market


Available languages

English / German / Arabic / French

Device Specifications:

  • Diamond Hunter works in four different languages.
  • After selecting the appropriate language, you can choose the search system from the list of search systems:
  1. Large Size diamond search system
  2. Small Size diamond search system
  3. The industrial gemstones search system
  4. The natural gems search system
  • After determining the type of target you want to search for from the list you can now choose the appropriate Front Range and depth the front range of the device starts from 250 meters up to 2000 meters vertical searching rang on the earth surface, and underground depth up to 35 meters

After adjusting the search setting the device will send and receive special frequencies to detect diamonds and gems up to 35 meters under the ground. When any signal is received, the device will automatically track the signal towards the target. The device will then move towards the target through the receiving and transmitting antenna until you reach the target center, then the device will draw a circle above the target directly.

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Device Components:

  1. The Main unit
  2. Device handle
  3. Super Antenna
  4. Home Charger
  5. Car charger
  6. Receiver Antenna
  7. Transmitter Antenna
  8. Rechargeable 12-volt battery
  9. The device Carrying case
  10. User Guide including Arabic
  11. Warranty certificate from the factory