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River F Plus
Device name River F Plus
Research System Sensor System
Objective Groundwater
Underground search Depth 250 meters
Surface Search Range 3000 meters
Warranty 2 years
Made in Germany

River F Plus

  • River F Plus Groundwater Detector:
  • The River F Plus is the latest device for detecting groundwater using the sensor system through the guidance screen to detect groundwater and underground artesian wells, the device search underground depth range reaches up to 1200 meters and the front search range reaches up to 3000 meters.
  • This fully digital system device has a high precision detection and monitoring system of detecting groundwater signals via the intelligent sensor routing screen with the ability of giving an audible alarm for the location of the water
  • The Freshwater search system
  • The natural water search system
  • The saline water search system
  • Very precise possibility of determining the type of water to be searched (fresh – saline – natural).
  • The device operates on six different types of soil: (natural – clay – rock – sand – mixed – metal) for more accurate results.
  • The possibility of determining the front range of the device starting from 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 meters and an underground depth of 1200 meters.
  • The device is powered by touchpad and keyboard.
  • The device operates in six languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic).
  • Made In Germany


Available languages:

German – English – French – Arabic – Italian – Spanish

Device Specifications:

  1. The device is small in size and easy to use.
  2. The device screen works on touch to show full search data.
  3. The search Depth of the device up to 1200 meters.
  4. The possibility of determining the depth of groundwater.
  5. The Front Range reaches 3000 square meters with the possibility of determining the required Front Range.
  6. The ability to determine the type of water to be searched for
  7. The ability to determine the type of soil to be searched within.
  8. The device operates in six languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic).
  9. Certificate of origin and warranty for two years starting the date of purchase
  10. German technology.
  11. The weight of the entire device with accessories (6 kg) only.
  12. The device works to suit all conditions and different terrain.
  13. River-F is one of the best German groundwater detectors and it has the European CE certificate according to the international standards.
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Device Components:

  1. Carrying case
  2. Device handle
  3. Signal Recipient
  4. Sensor
  5. Antennas
  6. Battery
  7. Charger